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  1. That’s a funny one. Oh I’d be so upset after all that work!! I’ve had thoughts like that for my father in laws tractor. Not huge parts but maybe make some of those flip or spring pins? But I worry about them breaking. Still would be a fun project. I’m not sure if the pins would be hardened or left soft to allow bending?
  2. No. That’s not what I meant with this pic. I was showing how other mouse holes had upside down stamps. My Peter wright is stamped “made for e.d. Kimball” on it. Possible it was made and stamped for another shop?
  3. How possible is it that Wilkinson & sons was a shop and mouse hole is the anvil? FYI. Not my image. Pulled from google. And maybe mr Wilkinson’s sons were just being cheeky when they stamped in their mark? Lol
  4. I never knew that stuff!! I don’t want to drag you guys off topic because I love the stories but is there a section on here about YouTube videos and who on there may be beneficial to a new hobbyist? But please everyone keep the tales coming. I’m a person that learns from mistakes. My uncle who I believe was the smartest and most brilliant man alive used to have jet black hair except for his chin hairs. They were white. Once gave me a great answer to a question I asked him. I asked uncle John how did you get so smart? You can fix anything. He laughed and said all smart old men were once real dumb boys. (Credit: John Dudley)< in case you folks like it?Which is exactly what I happened to be at the time. He then later in life jokingly of course said men that have to learn the hard way every time end up with white on their chin before they go white on their head. I’m not sure if that’s scientific but I have a brown beard and hair but my chin hair is white as the snow. Lol. He passed some years back but I think of him when I get to looking at my chin hair sometimes. Lol. So stories with warnings or failures that lead to success help me the most.
  5. What is an ASO on here? I’m sure I have it wrong. I have a large hunk of steel that I used. So improvised sounds about right. I love the stories you guys have told. The springs would be nuts. I have never thought to try that. The dam is really ambitious. Love hearing them!
  6. One day I’ll do the same and hang my first tongs. Like you my second set is ok and I use them. I struggled with the rivet and it’s way nasty. It will break one day I’m sure of it. Lol. I kept the first set because it was the first steel I moved. I’ll always admire it a little. But it was too ambitious for a guy that’s never even fired a forge before that day. I’m still only about a year into the hobby and don’t get to practice as much as I’d like. I went back to leaves and S hooks. Once a get decent at separating mass and half faced blows I think they are called for the tip of the leaf I’ll try something harder. Still learning terminology.
  7. What was the first project that you have ever attempted that turned out to either take way too long or became way more complicated than you thought? Give details! example: after watching forging videos on YouTube for 5 years I attempted tongs on a steel ASO as a first project. 1 1/4” x 1/4” steel stock as material and a harbor freight 2.5 lb hammer with a 7” handle. The video took 40 minutes to watch. I spent 4 days on them and they sucked sooooo bad. I have them hidden in my garage to this day.
  8. I know that story. You have it right. Fear keeps us chained to the things we think we know because that is all we have ever known, and to venture out of the cave and find real answers would mean we were wrong about almost everything. And almost everyone can relate be it their job or even relationships. As you also mention I have been in both sides of the light. Lol. I have found solutions to things that my mentors have over looked and have also went into projects/ problems and found even though I made it to my desired location my mentor (master) told me a faster, easier, and most often safer way to get there. Typically after the fact. Probably for a laugh to themselves. I learned young to listen to the people that came before me but to also keep an open mind to a new path. You never know what you may find? I never forget though that baby steps is where it all starts. (Still forging leaves)
  9. This is so crazy. I’m a systems administrator for a local school district. I didn’t want to add that in my profile because I figured everyone on here was a blacksmith, truck driver, or a lumberjack! Ha. I am also one of those poor helpful souls. Since IT is a support position it is kind of required but also I like fixing things. I get pulled into all manner of craziness. Excel though? I stray away from it. I use it for my ip spreadsheets and a few other things but coding is not my bag. I google it and copy and paste. Anyway now that I know there are other geeks on here I feel so much better. Lol. Also I haven’t had time to forge in over a month. I’m working on a super old farmhouse and fixing up our current house. Also my son wanted a weight bench and I had to reorganize my garage to fit it. This forum is awesome. Not what I thought it would be.
  10. Thank you all very much for such a quick response. I was snooping on my profile trying to find where I can add a location. I must have missed it. It was late here when I posted. As you can imagine I am quite eager. Lol
  11. You know what? That’s good advice. I’ll do it. So far patience has paid off my whole way through this new hobby. Best I stay on course. Thank you for your time.
  12. I’m new to blacksmithing. I was recently given an anvil from a friend which was all painted and rusty. I cleaned it up with a wire wheel and found a small hole from what I’m guessing is a welder? It’s not a big deal I suppose but it will get in my way. Also it’s bothersome to look at. My question is do you suppose I could get away with filling it with a wire welder? That’s all I have. I do have a buddy who could stick weld it if that would be better? It’s such a small hole I feel like just a fast little fill would be ok. Thoughts? SW Michigan hole on cutting table. Fill or leave? hole on table that bothers me most.
  13. It says made for e.d. Kimball & co Chicago. I have the same one. Peter wright. 1-0-17 is mine. I read that means 129 pounds. I know I’m like 7-8 years late but I just got mine and wondered what this company did. Just so I can imagine the work done on it.
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