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  1. Thanks, and will do. And thats cool, us too.
  2. Now i see what this forum is all about lol.. Points, what are those? Thats gotta be metric or something lol. I turn 50 in a few months, so kind of in that middle ground between, well, im not really sure anymore actually, "things" are progressing so fast.. Building Heathkits with a soldering gun with my dad as a kid is a great memory, i might still have my timing light around somewhere, but then the internet coming around when i was maybe 20 seems like just yesterday. All i know is, one year does not equal 1 year anymore. We pack so much into 12 months now, its amazing. Thats good stuff, thank you all for the stories. So ive not gone far with this thing, its been storming every time i can spend some time with it outside. I did get the hole filled, refractory is dried, and just had time tonight to take a few pics. First 2 are with the burner slightly tipped to the side, second is tipped as far as coupler allows, looks to be hitting at a better angle. Kinda tough to get a good pic of the flame that shows color, its pretty crowded in there. Just thought id check in and see if that helps any. Thanks.
  3. Thank you Frosty, and thanks for the welcome! My "Frosty moment" was all that i had dreamed of, and more! So yes, that all does make sense to me. I have enough material to fill the extra burner hole, and i'll just go in slight adjustments on the depth and and angle of the burner, and go from there. I'll get to work on it, and report back. Thanks again!
  4. Ahh, so thats the reason, thanks.
  5. Thank you all. I guess my thinking/worries first off revolve around the shear ridiculousness of this thing lol. Im not daunted, not going to give up, i'll look back at it someday with a chuckle i suppose, and be better off for it. But until i nail down a CONCRETE THIS TIME plan for the next one, im concerned that thing is even safely usable, first and foremost. So thats my first question. To my thinking, the heat potential of it is pretty high for such a small area, and thats just got to introduce all kinds of variables. Even if i get the burners properly tuned, then what?Just more headaches because of the bad design? The flames showed up after it was warmed up, thats my first clue. Exactly what is burning, where its coming from, i dont know. I cant imagine flame coming back up the burner, but i have no idea, maybe it can? Sure dosnt seem possible from my limited experience thinking. Excess fuel being ignited? Well, i'll shutup and let the experts-expert. But... Next one must-have list: Proper burner to size ratio, loose all these fittings for more stable set-up, and a more durable refractory layer. I wheel this thing outside for use, and im noticing how hard that is on it. Thanks again, i really appreciate it!
  6. Thank you. And yeah, i guess i could look at it that way.
  7. Hello all.. New here, and very excited about all the wealth of knowledge in one spot. In saying that, i sure wish i knew of this place BEFORE i attempted to put this forge together lol. All i see now is all the things to do different! So i had originally planned a larger, rectangular build. That was months ago though, and i got to noticing steel prices lately, so i decided to just go with an old freon tank i had sitting around. I already had the double burner set-up and plumbing, saw someone on youtube had done it, and, well, here we are. Massive overkill i know. Hey, i can always turn it down, right? It looks ridiculous, and kind of embarrasing : / Anyways, it is what it is now, here is the issue: On its 2nd fireup, after about 15 minutes, i noticed some occasional wiffs of flames up in the t-area. It seems to be running okay, there are occasional "coughs" id like to diagnose, but lets start with the safety issue first. 2" kao and Mizzou refractory, 6 inch nipples, .035 tips, pretty standard stuff. I recall not putting teflon tape on the mig tip, but i figure a leak there would not be a wandering flame? Theres room for the burner to go up another inch or so, could be too low in the forge? Was at about 5psi, bouncing back and forth between burners, valves just cracked open, refractory was pretty orange, was it just too much heat? Also of note, this is running outside with occasional breezes. I looked for answers before i posted, didnt find any, hope you all dont mind the question.
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