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  1. I have a piece of 1 1/2" square that's like 4ft long that I've done some test heat treats on that I was planning on using for full size hammers. I just don't have any eye punches and especially not any drifts at the moment. I just got this idea though, I have some 1 1/4" shaft that I could probably work down into a drift. I could get a 2lb Harbor Freight hammer, remove the handle, and size it off of that. Then, I could forge the 2lb into a cross peen or something like that.
  2. Good evening folks, I'm still fairly new to forging and don't have very large equipment or tooling at the moment; however, I'm interested in trying my hand at making a hammer. I understand that a full sized hammer is likely out of reach, but I was wondering if making some miniature hammers would be good to try as practice? We have a thick piece of 1" thick 4" wide by roughly 6". I've cut off a piece of 1" square by 4" long. I was thinking of using some coil spring tools to try to make a hammer. The piece only weighs about 10 ounces so it will likely just be used as a chipping hammer. Thoughts?
  3. We'll likely be heading to visit my great-uncle soon and my dad has mentioned quite a few time the large anvil he has sitting on his porch. I might try to strike a deal with him for it since he bought it at an auction a few decades ago and has never used it.
  4. Well, I woke up this morning and checked the listing and it's been sold. The lady didn't even bother to answer my message either. Thanks for your help anyways guys!
  5. Okay, I've asked her if she knew anything about them such as a brand or weight and if the would be open to selling just one. I'm hoping for an answer in the morning. In the meantime, can anyone identify what the anvils might be?
  6. Well, I only have the budget for one at the moment, sadly. If you were going to get only one of those, which one would you choose? I personally think the first one looks a bit bigger and in better condition.
  7. I found a listing on Facebook Marketplace for these 2 anvils. The lady is wanting $500 for both of these, but I bet I could ask for just one. There is no description and only these two pictures, but I was wondering if anyone had any information on them?
  8. Good evening folks, over the past month I've been working on making me a new anvil. It is a piece of railroad track that I cut in 2, cut part of the wide base off, and welded side-to-side. Of course, everything was heavily beveled for good penetration and it seems very solid. However, with it still being railroad track, I have a hollow spot in the middle. It's about 2in wide, 4in tall, and a little over 8in long, therefore it would be very difficult to fill with any kind of metal at least for me. I will also be drilling a 5/8in hole near one end for a hardy/pritchel, pretty much so I don't have to switch to my other anvil if I'm punching or drifting a hole and straightening coil spring. My question is, if I filled it with sand, would it negatively affect the anvil at all? I understand that the more mass an anvil has, the better, but I was unsure if it might take away the little rebound that the anvil has. Pic included.
  9. Hello everyone, finally decided to visit this forum and have already learned a LOT from just a few posts. I would love to learn from all of the experienced people here and even help some people when I can. I am a 15 year old beginning blacksmith from western Kentucky. I began forging last fall in our wood stove in the shop, then made myself a forge from a brake rotor and some exhaust pipe, and have since upgraded to a fabricated forge with the help of my welding teacher. However, I'm still running Tractor Supply coal with a hairdryer, so I still have plenty of room for improvement. My current anvil is a piece of railroad track that my dad had sitting on his workbench for years. He has no idea where it came from, but it works. It's got a "horn" on it with hole kind like a hardy, but round. Typical London shaped piece that isn't ideal, but it works for now. 4 1/2in lag bolts hold it securely to an ash stump and help it punch above it's weight. I use my dad's shop for all kinds of things from woodworking, welding, and now even blacksmithing. A lot of my knowledge has come from him, but blacksmithing is new to him, so most of my info has come from YouTube. I hope to learn plenty while I'm here. Thanks!
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