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  1. For now seems pretty hot but have only used it for a few hours so far. Also I have to install a more consistent air source. At the moment just have a makita battery blower and cable tie. So have a small dedicated forge blower on the way. Then I can workout if everything is fine. Thanks for you’re comment about the mig tip makes a lot of sense.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me buzzkill, frosty and iron dragon. Ran it today for a few hrs. And was running smoothly. Not sure how hot it goes but very hot. Think all is well with this forge. Here are some pics for you frosty. Didn’t get one at full temp as I was busy working. Got one as it was warming up though. I used a 1 mm migtip as the entry point for the fad. Is this enough or should I go bigger? Inlet for gas not fad. Sorry. Thanks so much for the advice guys.
  3. Hi, thanks for getting back to me me I really appreciate it. So it's 40mm ceramic fibre board not sure exact specs, and used what is labeled Desecrete, salesman said it is rated to 1600 C. Made the skin from 4mm plate. insulation is ceramic fibre board and is covered every where except around the ribbon burner. there is a small gap, a fraction of a mm in the ceiling around the burner entry point. I know some heat is escaping there perhaps its just traveling through the skin from there. After casting I left it for 5 days or so until no moisture present. I probably cooked it a bit qui
  4. Hi there I'm new here. maybe a silly question however was wondering what temps other peoples forges are reaching on the outer shell. Mine seems in be reaching 60-120 C on the out side (seems a little hot). Just built a new forge with a forced air ribbon burner. I put 40mm insulation with 50mm castable refractory inside. Its cranking hot inside. My last forge which while very in efficient and not so hot inside but had far less heat on the outer shell to the touch, it was lined with wool and refractory brick . My other question is does castable refractory (depending on type) generally transfer h
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