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  1. I recently had an evil pigeon fly into my shop and directly at me as I was transferring a mold filled with molten silver from the furnace to the cooling bricks  

    I flinched, the mold slipped and I about jumped across the room. It felt like slow motion as I watched every drop of that liquid metal splash across the shop. I got lucky but my workbench was on fire for a bit. 

    spooky stuff. I re-discovered my respect of molten metals that day. 

  2. Recent additions as I get the smithing side of my shop built up


    190 LB anvil. Great guys and I’m proud to be able to support an American small business making such a niche product. I whipped the stand up last week


    also snagged a nice post vice last week from a “scrap” tool warehouse downtown. It’s functionality is like it just left the foundry....everything lines up and moves like a dream  


    74-BB9-C4-A-C969-43-DB-A0-F4-6-E15-EF548 2-D8-D56-A9-718-A-4988-8-C8-D-A5-FA1-F77



  3. 8 hours ago, swedefiddle said:

    CanIRON VE is June 4-5-6 (less than 2 weeks). It is a virtual CanIRON Conference.

    Neil, that virtual conference sounds like a good time. I’m gonna try to make it! Thank you 

    9 minutes ago, JHCC said:

    That is a very cool aesthetic to those pieces. I look forward to seeing your work in iron and steel.

    Thanks for the kind words! 

    I look forward to being a newbie full of questions and enjoying failures with iron and steel. 

  4. Thanks for the welcome all!


    theres a market for “art” bullion that I serve. I cast rough ingots and then shape my bars with forge, hammer an anvil. Not many folks do it the way I do so I found a nice audience of collectors. 

    I learned how to use those tools repairing and making parts for single action pistols and lever guns with my grandfather and dad


    781-C67-A9-9-ECA-4-F15-A462-52-A903383-B 41424-DFA-A056-42-A4-BA47-F4-F2-EF385-B2 0-D97-B61-E-26-E8-4306-8-D6-C-0-CA020818

  5. Hi all,


    I’m new to blacksmithing and have already learned a ton here via lurking and searching. 

    I actually already work with a hammer and anvil daily. I make gold and silver bullion bars 

    Recently picked up the appropriate anvil for steel, a Holland 190, along with some other stuff

    I look forward to chatting with everyone 


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