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  1. Well if anyone could put me in touch with the guy from Ozark I would really appreciate it. Does he give classes.
  2. Also would like to buy a set of hot punches. If anyone could point me in the right direction.
  3. It does show marks but I was thinking of fabbing a piece of 1/4 plate to weld to the top. And rounding the edges.
  4. Everyone just calls me Bo. No pictures atm but we can get some working with a 2 burner I got on Amazon and a 70# cast anvil. As far as projects go. We would really like to get a set of tongs made. Then hardys and work our way into blade smithing.
  5. Hi I’m from southwest Missouri. I’ve been interested in smithing for a long time but had really no place to get set up. A few weeks ago a co-worker expressed the same interest. We decided to use his shop and Divide up the tool costs. So far we have 2 unsuccessful attempts at forging rebar tongs.
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