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  1. Ouch, Frosty. It was one piece. And it was a cool mystery. We already discussed that my interest was in alternative anvils and others have shown interest as well in helping to figure out the origin of that piece. The cylinder that fit over the top of it might give some clue as to its function. If you don't care, even if no one cares, there is still no harm done in me trying to wrap up the thread. You did not have to read it and I am sorry if you felt it was such a waste of time returning to this thread that you had to write a mean-spirited reply. Well, it worked. Feel free to delete this thread or whatever you're able to do to declutter on this site. What an unwelcoming experience my brief membership has been.
  2. Thank you everyone who has responded. I have an update! When I went back to the salvage yard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I was able to find one of the other, similar pieces as well as the cylinder that fit atop it. I've uploaded pictures of those parts as well as some others from the pile that may or may not have been related. I love this salvage yard, though. It's the only one I've stumbled on that still lets people wander around and scrounge for stuff. I understand the liability issues that have caused other places to close their gates, but it still makes me sad.
  3. Wouldn't THAT be an interesting find?! Whatever it is, there were I believe 3 others in the same pile. One of them seemed to have been fitted into another piece (wish I would have taken a picture of it at the time) and at the time it reminded me of a connecting rod for an engine cylinder. I dismissed the idea because of the size and because I know very little about combustion engines.
  4. Well, when I'm wrong, I'm wrong; and I apologize. My family is probably very different from the definition used here, which should come as no surprise to me. I hope I can be forgiven.
  5. It does not have the mirrored look I've come to expect from a chrome finish. While it is still dirty, I am pretty certain that some of the spots are oxidation. Some of the dents seem to have a faint reddish hue, so I don't think it's just imbedded grease, but there is no out-and-out crusty rust. It is magnetic, but somewhat less strongly than a nearby piece of 1095. [edited for inappropriate language] So apparently I can't use proctological phrases for willful ignorance that make humorous reference to the thought of getting a close-up view of my own colon via televised colonoscopy. Good to know, I guess. Wouldn't want to shock a bunch of blacksmiths with mild anatomical references. You know how sensitive they are! As far as Frosty's "two sided reversible bi-glotanga" and "flippable whacker backers," I have a suspicion that the newbie is being hazed... I like you guys. Thank you for all of the help!
  6. So it's pretty likely that it is chrome-plated then and not stainless? Either way, it is not likely to hold up on its own as a post anvil. I should definitely take a file with me to the scrapyard the next time I go. I think that your idea is doable, Frosty, but that left-handed glotanga sounds like something found during a colonoscopy. Possibly scarier than chromium poisoning!
  7. Thank you, George! You're no doubt right about the scale being able to handle the weight, but it's one of those nice, glass-topped scales, which might not be very forgiving if I slipped and dropped the thing too quickly.
  8. Thanks guys! Hydraulic ram would make sense. No worries, Frosty, even if I wanted to forge this monster, I'd need some crazy, industrial-sized induction forge or something! No, it's massive and solid enough that I had thoughts of angle grinding off a small section off the top and welding on a small piece of tool steel for hammering on. I figured if I could identify it, I could get a better sense of how to treat it.
  9. I picked this up at the salvage yard, but I'm not sure what it's from. None of the numbers on it seem to connect with anything when I search for them. It must weigh 150lbs or so (I'm afraid I'll break my wife's nice scale if I use it). The steel takes a dent from a hammer, so it's not exactly anvil material as it is. There seems to be a copper ferrule through the center of the hole at the top. I'v e attached pictures. Can anyone recognize this thing?
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