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Names Travis. Feel free to call me Travis or by Sin, doesn't bother me either way. SinDoc is just a typical name I use for gaming and such. Just a gamer trying to get a more active hobby, so my dad bod stops getting so "refined".

I work for an electrical supplies distributor and my job is project quotations for lighting. I help design and put together lighting packages for construction. Both new builds and remodels. A whole lot of sitting at a desk at a computer or bent over blueprints reading the construction drawings.

Always been fascinated with blacksmithing. Since I was young I enjoyed watching people make swords and knives at the yearly renaissance festival and watching shows like Man at Arms and more recently Forged in Fire. I know neither are good guides, but I still loved watching them.

I recently decided I wanted another hobby that was not related to a computer. So I figured, why not grab a forge and some tools and have fun banging on some metal?   

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