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  1. Yes I have a pressure gauge on my adjustable regulator. It was at max pressure which was around 0.4mpa/57psi I checked for blockages in the burner pipe and was completely clean, which I would expect as I have only fired it up 3 times! I have not contacted them directly yet as I thought I would get a quicker reply on here! If all else fails I will contact them
  2. Hi all, I am complete new to this and I know these forums are more for gas forges/black smithing but I couldn’t find an answer anywhere else and as a gas furnace and gas forge are very similar I thought that some people here may be able to help. I recently bought the devil forge furnace FB2MB, unboxed it, applied rigidizer, waited for it to dry and then fired it up empty and ran it hot to completely dry. All was going well. Today I was going to temper my crucibles, done the first one, no problem. Came to the second later on in the day and furnace would not get up to heat and flame was very
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