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  1. Yes Im a newbie but researched enough to know that it was a no brainer and I even told the seller he was giving me a great deal. He was happy to sell it to an enthusiastic guy whose putting it to good use. He inherited it and it sat as a "center piece" in his garage so it hasnt seen much use in his ownership.
  2. I am a watchmaker by profession, I restore vintage timepieces that are priceless to their owners and are highly collectible. I guess it is in my nature to admire tools and such that have been around and have been in service for just as long. I looked at the Holland anvils as I am partial to Michigan in general and have read the owner/maker is a very stand-up guy on this forum. I still have one in mind for later down the road. I did manage to get a craigslist snag this morning on what the owner believed to be a Peter Wright 270-280lb range anvil. He didn't know much more about it and was
  3. I believe you are correct, since there is a giant dent in that area I bet the anvil took a heavy hit and broke a piece of the face off. He did send me pictures of the trenton stamp as well as the numbers. I may offer 500 but I am patient for something less damaged, so I think I will walk. Thanks again!
  4. Hey guys Im back at it and going to check this anvil out tonight. Its a little larger than what I had planned to start with but I guess thats not a bad thing. The guy says its a Trenton and weighs 280-300lbs. The only concern of mine is I cannot find any images of a Trenton with two tables. Also one of the tables on this anvil has obviously had taken a serious miss hit. The asking price is $750 so Im tempted to buy it based on size and value, im just not sure it is indeed a Trenton anvil. Any advice would be greatly appreciated like always. Thanks
  5. There are a few estate sales I have marked on my calendar as well as some large flea markets I hope to find somebody to bargain with. I understand the hunt via online outlets is not the best way to search for a good deal as most are trying to maximize their profits. If it is a good deal as many have said in this thread they have a short half life. I did make a trade once for a very clean truck bed camper, the cost was a case of millers finest. So I will continue to keep the word out that I'm looking, you never know what somebody has laying around, or what their wife is bugging them to get
  6. Okay the only bitterness in me is that I will not find a Soderfors for a long time. I have lost out on many other items and I know we have all been there before. I was going to make an offer of 500-600 depending on the way the suspect holes looked. I had not looked at the heel closely and I appreciate your observation Goods. I have only worked on a large hay budden as my learning anvil so im sure anything of good quality will suffice for now. Im getting excited as I have a big enough garage now to try and set up my own small shop. I will slowly begin to acquire my own tools as my skills/fu
  7. Well I do appreciate the help guys. The owner wasn't willing to hold it for me and sold FCFS. I guess maybe I should be more discreet of the whereabouts of my findings. I have learned a lesson here. Thanks all
  8. Okay I will go check it out and see if I can bargain with the seller. I appreciate your help very much. I understand I could potentially buy a similar anvil brand new for around $1000 but there is something about me that is always attracted to vintage swedish steel. I will let you know if I end up purchasing the anvil. Thanks
  9. It seems like a beautiful anvil as the sides are still rounded and possibly the original green paint. I have only seen pictures as I am planning to go see it this weekend and make my decision from there as it is a few hours from me. As for the holes the look to be square shape in the pictures. The asking price is $1000 which seems far off if it has been modified, I am located in the midwest. Thanks
  10. Hello all im new to the forum so any help is very appreciated. I am hoping to purchase this soderfors 125lb anvil but I am a little skeptical about the hardy holes. I have added pictures of the anvil, it looks like 4 holes may have been added at some point. Is this something to be very concerned about? Thanks
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