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  1. Thanks Rojo, it works well, the power and variable speed make cutting, shaping steel a breeze.. Its really easy to remove the saw, two bolts (on top) and one cable tie. I use it for cutting steel horizontally outside so I needed to be able to take out easily. If I get time I am going to make a dropsaw stand for it next which will make it more versatile in the Workshop.
  2. Haha. I only get a few days to myself in the workshop so its Beer and build. I know when to stop work when I am starting to see double
  3. Tanglediver: That is a great looking solid stand. The plate you picked up looks nice and thick, how much did that cost you? Will you need to attach the stand to the floor or is it fine as is? I would like to make one like that but I need to be able to move it around when not in use.
  4. Had a few hours spare yesterday afternoon and decided to make a stand for my Portable Band saw using up some scrap steel I had lying around. Had it all Cut, welded, painted plus 8 beers down the hatch before the wife and kids got home. All in all a good afternoon in the shed. Used 10mm plate for base, 3mm Galv plate for the table and 50mm Square tubing for the actual Stand. This saw has variable speed and a light so I mounted it like this so they were easily accessible. Secured it with some 10 mm Dynabolts. Tried it out last night and it works great even with longer pieces. I get about 160mm cutting depth with the table a bit longer on the side. Looking to put a foot switch on it next. Would probably do things a bit differently if I had time on my hands.
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