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  1. Finished up my NARB build! Made from 20lb propane tank. Lined with 2in Kaowool, kastolite 30 then ITC 100. Used Frosty's NARB design. It finished curing today and I fired it up tuning the Frosty-T. Got to 2000f using 15psi. Special thanks to Frosty for all his advice and help along the way, and thanks to everyone else too!
  2. Wanted to share the progress so far. Forge cart is all welded up with casters. Forge is pretty much welded up. burner body and mold are made for NARB. Just waiting on castable for ribbon burner, rigidizer, refractory and ITC 100. I plan on lining each half with kaowool and refractory, then closing and sealing split with refractory then coating closed forge with itc 100.
  3. Any advice or knowledge on refractory coatings? I see Hellcoat 3000 on xxxxxx, I hear about Kast-o-lite, Mizzou...... Started the build today with a 20lb propane tank. Thanks for all the help so far!
  4. Thanks! Any advice on prepping it? cut it in half? I could make the whole spatula from it i guess just curious about best way to cut it for the project...without having to use 17 blades on bandsaw....lol
  5. I am in the process of building a forge from 20lb propane tank and am looking for a few first forge projects. I want to make a pig tail meat turner for my trailer mounted smoker from some strut springs I have. I also have a 5ft piece of 2inx2in 304 stainless tube. I was thinking of maybe making a long handle spatula from it. Not sure how I would prep the tube and was wondering if I could make the spatula part from stainless and forge weld some of the strut spring to it as a handle? Or is 304 too much of a pain to work with and I should just toss it?
  6. LOL, I totally get it. I am mostly going to be working knives and hopefully damascus. My wife has some ideas about closet hooks/smaller house things. I have a homemade trailer mounted smoker made from a 250 gal propane tank and was hopeing to make some bbq tools for it. Thats is about it and the direction I am thinking if that makes sense.
  7. That makes alot of sense. Thanks. Do you have a general recommendation for chamber length starting out? I am planning a press in the future for damascus, after I learn a bit more general forging skills
  8. I have a heat treat oven that can take an 18 in blade so I don't need separate forge for that. Thomas, Thanks for those pictures! The 4x12 would have been for a 5 gal air tank after lining and placing hard fire brick floor, The dimensions are for the 11 gal air tank would give me a 7in by 22in chamber after lining and hard fire brick floor. I could shorten than down by cutting some of the air tank off though
  9. Definitely don't "need" a large forge. I would just like to build something that will be able to grow with my knowledge and experience. I have been looking at 5 gal air tank plans too,gives about 4inch by 12 inch chamber. I am just worried that I have read a lot of the 5 gal builders talking about needing to build something bigger. I can shorten the 11 gal air tank by just chopping some off too.
  10. Hey everyone! I am new to forging. I just started with knife making. I hand made my heat treat oven and my 2x72 belt grinder. I'm pretty handy and enjoy the challenge of making it myself. I am wanting to build a forge and have some questions. First, the forge will be used primarily for knife making and small blacksmith projects around the house(making closet hooks..etc...the wife has a list) I would like to have the ability to move up into damascus at some point. I have been debating a 5 gal airtank design vs an 11 gal air tank design. the 11 gal air tank has outside dimensions of 29-3/4 in.
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