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  1. I drilled some holes in the base plate so i can mount the anvil with some brackets after putting some silcone down. I am going to go the stump route on my 175# anvil. Just waiting for the weather to break a little bit to finish welding the legs, should be back in the 20's on Sunday. Jack
  2. Will do, thanks. Hopefully this works this time. They are resized to under 1000 pix each side and are jpg files. I think the issue was that i copied them from my email and then posted them instead of saving the pics to my computer and then posting them, who knows... Probably to big in the first place.
  3. I am building my second anvil stand, first one was out of 2x12's, works fine but want to work on my welding. Material is stuff I found in the shop at work. Legs are schedule 40 2 1/2" pipe and the base is 1/2" piece of plate 12" x 14". I just tacked welded the legs on for now, to get an idea of positioning. It also pointed out the fact that i need to do a better job of positioning the legs before putting them on. Was going to add some cross braces and fill the pipe with sand or something. The anvil i am going to put on it is a Kanka 110 lb. Have a couple of bigger anvils but wanted
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I will try to take some pic's over the next couple of days and read up on posting them. I tend to have more projects in mind than i have time. End goal is to be making bits and spurs. I made a bunch of J hooks for my friend who was making a turkey mount thingy to give to his son and nephews. Couple of crappy bottle openers but they work and are getting better. Right now, making some hoof picks out of horse shoes that fit in the sheath on a saddle and adding a horse head on the handle. Getting the sizing right while making it look good is the tricky part. In th
  5. Another new guy in DuPage county. Started blacksmithing about a year ago. Have taken a few blacksmithing classes. Made the majority of the Christmas presents i gave this year. Glad to find the forum. Jack
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