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  1. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the help! Seems to be more likely the Trenton than A&H. I just finished a base today so I can start working on it. If I end up taking a wire wheel to the side of it, I may be able to see an actual logo, but I'm happy with it either way. I'm actually pretty hesitant to do much to it since there doesn't appear to be paint on it. Next I'll need to dive in to past posts on this topic as well. Quick stand from stump and scrap wood risers:
  2. First post! I'm new to blacksmithing and the forum. I just acquired this anvil thinking it was a Trenton, but now I'm thinking it may be Arm & Hammer. The previous owner thought A&H but wasn't sure and there's no obvious logo. I *think* I *might* be seeing remnants of an "M" on one face. I did some research on past posts, and I didn't find a picture of this *exact* anvil anywhere but many are close. It ways just under 155 lbs and is stamped 155. Serial number is 1208?. (Note: I have a copy of AIA on the way to learn more but I was too impatient/excited not to post) If anyon
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