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  1. Made a couple steak flippers today for Father’s Day. The first one actually turned out better than the second. I didn’t get good measurements off the first one and I was trying to streamline the process when I made the second. I’m still planning to work on the crosses. My time has just been very limited lately and this was a higher priority. first Second hanging next to first
  2. It serves as a lesson on leadership. Every leader (be it in politics, military, or civilian) should periodically spend time out in the field actually working with those under them. It is a common theme, at least in my trade, that a leader seems to forget what life in the field is like after a year or two in the office. Spending a month or so every couple of years actually doing the work might help correct the problem.
  3. I did pretty much the same thing to a pair of cheap boots as a teenager. Sat next to a campfire and propped my feet against the metal fire ring. Apparently the fire was closer to the ring than I anticipated. My soles started smoking within a couple minutes.
  4. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and say a few ohms for meditation.
  5. I don’t have my welder set up yet. I have an old buzz box but I don’t think my meter base or wiring will handle the load. My house is currently only wired for 100 amps. I’m pushing that limit as it sits during the summer. The wiring is also mostly the old cloth insulation stuff. I don’t trust it to handle the kind of load a buzz box can pull. I’m planning on upgrading to a 320 amp service sometime in the near(ish) future. With a 320 meter base, I can run two 200 amp main breakers. One will go into the house, the other will eventually run underground to a shop.
  6. If you will grind the Lodge stuff to a mirror finish, you will get better results out of it (or so I’m told). All the Lodge stuff I’ve seen was still rough from the casting process. Wagner and similar “old” brands had a smooth finish straight out of the factory.
  7. Based on what you have said about the soil composition under your house; we probably need to worry more about those dang B52s y’all call mosquitoes carrying you off than earthquakes.
  8. Who’d a thunk it right? I think you are referring to off-sets/knife-makers tongs. I’ll have to look up a set of plans, but I think you are right. I have some 1x1/4 flat that might do the trick if I round out the neck... hmm, maybe I don’t need plans. Obviously, I don’t mind a puzzle . Every improvement feels like a success. I did pick up some railroad spikes yesterday to make steak flippers for Fathers’ Day. I just need to make a set of tongs or two to work them.
  9. Thank you. I don’t think the bottom set is going to turn out as well. They didn’t get as sharp of a taper as the top set. I’m still getting a feel for what angle to hold the steel at to get the taper I want. As a result, the taper lost a lot of its definition when I split it. It may surprise me when I curl them (I ran out of time today), but I’m not holding out much hope. As an aside, I need to make a set of goose necks before continuing the project. I had to pour water on the “cold” side pretty regularly to keep it cool enough to hold. I doubt I’ll be able to handle the shorter cros
  10. Finally got a chance to fire the forge back up today. Life has been... complicated the last few weeks. Did some more work on the finials and got it just about where I want it. Tapering to length instead of trying to guess where to start made all the difference in the world. They look a little lopsided because my split wasn’t perfectly down the middle. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with them. Putting a piece of 3/8 round in the vise definitely helped separate the two sides all the way down the split.
  11. Didn’t realize I had this one until I started looking through my pictures.
  12. Alexandr, how do you attach the rod to the sphere? Heat the sphere and drive the tenon in with it hot?
  13. It might have been the “Heat Treat” app put out by HTS. The app is a little more technical than you probably need but it has all kinds of info about nearly every alloy.
  14. Part of that is 5e and part of it is the DM. I reserve the right to tell my players no if I think it will make them too overpowered for the campaign. My biggest frustration is with the dice. I swear my players make sacrifices to the dice gods before every session. They make fantastic rolls 75-80% of the time and my monster rolls suck an equal percentage. I know it isn’t me though because my DM PC (we have a player that can’t play as often so I play the character when she is absent) rolls on par with the other players. I’ve had them walk out of three “deadly” encounters now without a scratch be
  15. I got into it earlier as well. What Irondragon said is correct. You need to have a group up and running before you can become affiliated. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to try and get a group established from scratch, nor do I have the space to host meetings. I live in a small house in town and recently (just over a week ago) became a single parent to two girls (16&4). I was hoping that they had resources available to help with starting a group. I don’t mind championing the idea, but I don’t have time for hunting down a place to have meetings, finding funding, planning even
  16. I tried to do that yesterday and again this morning but the website was down. I’ll give it another try now.
  17. That pre-dates me by a few years lol. I actually just started DMing a campaign a few months ago though.
  18. I found the number but they are closed until Monday. I’ll give them a call then if I haven’t found the info I need yet.
  19. How does one go about starting a ABANA affiliated group? I live in an area with lots of hobby smiths but no groups within reasonable driving distance. I tried looking at the ABANA website, but it appears to be down.
  20. It started as the name of my main character in World of Warcraft (yes I’m a nerd, no I don’t care lol). It’s been my tag online ever since.
  21. When it comes to bargaining, Kenny Rogers gives great advice: “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em...”
  22. It’s funny how conditioned you get to bodily excretions as a parent. For the first couple months, brown diapers I changed were done in the bathroom next to the toilet. Now, I can get it on my hand and not even bat an eye. I don’t think I will ever trust a “chocolate” smear again though. I dodged that bullet once and now perform the “sniff test” out of habit. I wish I had thought of hearing protection, it would have saved many a literal headache.
  23. I would suggest unloading at least some the coal before you attempt to drag the pallet off the trailer. 2,000lbs generates a lot of friction, especially with a rough cut board as the “sled.”
  24. Interesting. Most of the sand around here is red sand. Since koalin is white, I’m assuming it would look closer to beach sand. The sand pit east of Corsicana had white sand if I remember correctly (it’s been a few years since I was out there) Did the book show any “major” cities? The area it covers is rather large without some form of reference. I’ve only been able to find one copy of the book online. Since it was published by UT, I’m assuming there aren’t very many of them in circulation.
  25. That would definitely be useful. There are several large sand deposits in Central Texas. There are two sand pits that I know of between Cleburne and Waco and one east of Corsicana. Roadside ditches appear to be public property in Texas; so, I’m guessing it’s legal to harvest a few bucketfuls of sand from them but I don’t know that for sure.
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