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  1. Hey Frosty, I had one more question. So I decided obviously I am going to change to a MiG tip, I do not know how I am going to attach that to my burner though. Is the MiG tip able to thread into a pipe coupling or do I need to drill and tap a hole? Which is the best way to attach it?
  2. I have been doing some more research, Could the problem possibly be fixed by just changing my orifice to a smaller Mig tip? Maybe like a .035 " tip? It is currently a 1/16" hole.
  3. Mikey, I have not yet tried that but I will as soon as I get to my shop. Will that not affect the flow of propane through the burner?
  4. Hi Frosty, Thank you so much for your reply. I now understand how much of a mistake it was for me to make such a big forge. Since I have already been through so much trouble of getting that forge going, I would like to keep the same shell. Now talking about the burners, aligning the burners to one side of the forge instead of on top in my mind would not allow enough heat to get on whatever I am forging because the main heat would be on the side of the burner and not the floor? Second, since we have stablished the problem of getting the correct flame is the back pressure, would welding some sort of 90 degree flue with an opening and closing act as an exhaust to help with some of that back pressure? Please let me know if their is something else I am missing and I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks, Rylan
  5. I am so sorry I actually miss typed I just realized. I actually drilled with a 1/16" not 1/6.
  6. No, the jet for the burner is a pipe plug that I have drilled with a 1/6" bit. The quarter inch is the pipe size of the plug, and the other pipes that are inside of the top bell coupling. The pressure that I usually set it on when I fire it up is 10 psi. The reason I switched to a smaller pipe was in hopes of allowing a more venturi effect for more airflow.
  7. I tried it with half inch pipe all the way and it wasn't working which led me to change to quarter inch in hopes to allow more air flow. So I still have no clue what the problem is
  8. Hey everyone, thank you so much for responding. After looking into everything ya'll have told me I have a few more questions. I understand what you are saying Mikey about the forge possibly having too many burners, but that then leads me to the question why is it still not working when I only run one of the burners? Now, if it is because the burner is too small, would the solution to increase the burner be increasing the nipple size of the burner? And yes, I will absolutely deal with the ceramic fiber hazard, would the best thing for that be to coat it with refractory concrete??
  9. Hello everyone, I have no idea if I am in the correct forum for this or not because this is my first time, but I picked what I thought was closest. I have recently built a 3 burner propane forge 8"X12"X24" long and I am having a bit of a problem. Long story short, I have diagnosed the problem and found out that the problem I am having is a build up of pressure inside where my burners are and no where for that pressure to go and in return I am not getting the Correct ionizing flame I need. Don't get me wrong, I am no expert by any means, the way I found this out is because if I blow through the forge with an air compressor, or even my mouth, I then start to get the correct flame I need. The only solution that I have came up with which might work or might not work, is to put a 90 degree flue on one end of the forge with an adjustment for the air to come in and go out. If anyone knows a solution for me other than completely rebuilding my burners, please let me know. Sorry for the not great pictures, I didn't know I would be posting this forum and am not available to take better pictures at the moment. Thank you all in advance. Little more information, I am using half inch pipe until I get to top of burners, then it reduces to quarter inch. both top and bottom bell coupling is 1/2"x1.5" the nipples from top of burner to bottom of burner is 6 inches. Lastly, I am using a 30 psi regulator.
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