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  1. I do get some contrast from just mixing different steels. Black, dark grey, grey and light grey. I just love the way nikkel pops, if you know what I mean. I don't have access to bandsaw blades, I usually cut up hand saws, as people often give them away when they are dull. I do know of a saw mill or two in my area, maybe the wouldn't mind me diving for a few of their used blades. Thanks for the auto store idea with shim stock, I might ask around if I can dumpster dive there for them. I kind of need all of my money for food....
  2. Hello I am wondering if anyone have any idea where I can get my hands on some kind of contrast steel for Damascus. I have bought 15n20 and used before, together with different scavenged steels. I don't like buying steel, as it is extremely expensive in my country. I know your gonna say: buy it, it saves time and blabla. I Have all the time in the world, just not all the money. And I love the fact that things are reused. Are there other steels that will make a good contrast besides nickel? As I usually make a Damascus billet and cut and sandwich in edge steel it does not have to be hardenable. I usually mix old saw blades and stuff of old farm equipment. I do not sell blades so it really doesn't matter. I give them away or use them myself. Any suggestions will be welcome! Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone! This egg thing sound quite amazing to be honest. Have to try this!
  4. Thnaks! My first double egde weapon, chistmas gift for my brother. And first time using Brass. Dont like the shine... the plan for the pommel is an 8-sided diamond ish shape, if you know what i mean. Nothing is finished yet, blade has not been etched. Its low layer damask, should look quite bold when i get it in the acid:)
  5. Hey guys. im currently working on a dagger an need some help. i feel like the brass is to «shiney» is there a way of darkening it? Heat treating it in some way? or should i just scrap it and go with steel og iron... ?
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