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  1. This one originally had a different fire pot but it would have been the same size as the one in it now the large rectangle was clearly cast that way. And the downdraft system definitely was set up the way I have it the only part I'm unsure of us how the hood was designed as they aren't the same as a standard hood.
  2. I plan on trying to make it original as best I can anyways, the way it's set up now is the blower intake would suck from the bottom of the hood drawing smoke and fumes back through the fire it has a t just before the tuyere that would send air up into the hood but I can't figure out how that section is supposed to be constructed to function properly. I took some pictures of how it's plumbed currently, I apologise it got pretty dark out here already.
  3. I just picked up a model 660 buffalo further and want to make a replacement hood for it but I can't find any relevant information on how the downdraft hoods were designed, dimensions etc... If anybody has one of these forges and could get me dimensions of detailed pictures of the hood design it would be greatly appreciated.
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