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  1. Looks awesome! I’m jealous of those crisp edges. Mine aren’t so clean so I just get more practice.
  2. Been making her sing a bunch lately. The more I do the better I like it. Here’s a few pictures of things I’ve made so far.
  3. Thanks Frosty. The stand is gonna be this weekends project. I'm actually still debating about using a tree or maybe some pressure treated 6x6's. I'm not a tall fella and have non-lanky arms so I'll only need a stand about 17-18 inches. I'm beyond ready to get started, just trying to do it right and learn as I go and not try to do too much. I've got a little 2 burner castmaster forge I'll be setting up this weekend as well. I've been reading and reading and reading on here. So much info. It is really appreciated. I do like my old anvil. I know it;s chipped up....but man it is flat as can be. Most anvils for sale in my neck of the woods are so swayed....plus everyone wants $8/lb too. I couldn't pass this up. I also like to think about it as a piece of history being as old as it is....and now I get to hammer on it too. Imagine the stories our old anvils could tell..... Yall will be seeing a lot of me. I'll keep ya posted and thanks again!
  4. Bump. Admins if this is in the wrong place please move it. I’m new and still trying to figure this forum out. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, getting ready to get started on my blacksmithing journey and today drove a couple hours to pick up what was being sold as a 100 pound Trenton anvil. Upon closer inspection it says Lakeside on the side of it. From what I can tell from research it was made by the same folks that made Trenton but sold by Montgomery Ward under the Lakeside name. I don’t have a copy of AIA yet but have one on the way. Can anyone tell me the age from the serial number? It is 183586. The left side number isn’t legible. I try to figure out how to post some pics.
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