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  1. The design the customer wants is big and chunky. The main frame on each gate is 6”x3”x.375 wall and the pickets are 2”x4” x.188 wall . In the first 5’ section the 2x4 vertical pickets are seperated to accomidate a cnc curved cut timber that starts by the hinge bottom portion of the inside frame and curves slightly to meet the top inside frame . I figured a heavier wall material for the outside frame to eliminate as much sag as possible. the picture provided was just one of the few i have done . This gave the general idea . But in reality there are 13 pickets per gate half
  2. Hello my name is Heath im going to be building a large heavy swing gate for a customer . And i would like other fabricators advice on posts . Each gate section is 11’ long and 5’6”high . The total calculated steel weight per ft comes to 786 lbs per gate half . there will also be a 3” x 12” x 5.5’ timber cnc cut at an arch that will be , and im guessing here approximately 150-200 lbs . So approximately 1000 lbs per gate . Its heavy and rubust . The ball bearing hinges i have selected are rated for 3000 lbs a pair. I personally will be adding 3 hinges per side as it eases my mind . The pos
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