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  1. That would make sense. It is one of them important details I forgot or overlooked. No biggy. They only cost about a dollar here and its the only part of the burner I didn't get for free.
  2. I was building some t burners today and the 1/4"x1/8" mip flare adapter's I got where to large on the ID to tap the 1/4x28 thread. Just a heads up on this brand. Got some others from another hardware store and they where perfect.
  3. I was there last year walking around. A teenager died shortly after from falling down a elevator shaft.
  4. I work for a company called jessup systems. We build every kind of automated finishing system you can think of. I'm a millwright by trade but from years of doing this kind of work I have pretty decent knowledge of the processes involved. I even have a anodizing line in my home shop and not one of them 5 gallon bucket jobs lol. I'm one step maybe 2 from doing hard coat aka type 3 at home on peices up to 40" long and 2" diameter. If your doing this at home and don't want to outsource this part than japanning aka toleware would be a good start.
  5. I build automated metal finishing machines for a living, with that being said what type of metal? Kinda hard to answer without that info. But like irondragon said look into japanning or if your in the usa Google toleware.
  6. That is true mr. frost. What I should have said was "I have never used it to work hot metal only to straighten cold steel when I over bend on my press." I do have some questions for you if you don't mind a PM. Lerms the germs.
  7. Not sure if I would call these anvils as I only use them for light metal working. I also have a 16 inch long RR standing on end somewhere in here.
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    Thanks. They are 316L hubs (the main weight) With 420 HC tines ( The long thin things) topped with O1 tool steel tips and barbs. Only did the ( ) thing because I'm not sure if the ice fishing jarken is the same with blacksmithing. This side business started when I made myself a new spear and then friends wanted one.. the following year their friends did and the next 3 years it's been multiple states of people buying them. So basically it's at about 40 spears a year with around 10-15% growth every year. I'm not here to sell in anyway. I just need to refine my heat treating and hope
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    Stopping here to just say hello. My name is Jeremy and I currently live in Michigan. I have two young daughters a beautiful wife and a doberman. I'm a millwright and have been welding and machining for alittle over 20 years. 18 of witch I've been doing as full time work. I also own a small business for the last 3 years making ice fishing spears. Machines-tools in my home shop are metal lathe 12x36, 3 welders, press brake, tube binder, drill press, horizontal and vertical band saws, all kinds of grinders small anvil, torches, anodizing line, paint booth and other miscellaneous stuff.
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