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    shooting, roping, learning to do a little knife making with my grandsons....

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  1. Yep..That would be easy enough to make. Thanks
  2. Thanks TWISTEDWILLOW I see one on ebay for 190.00 but I'm skeptical there. Does anybody want these things for parts? Thanks That pan is in good shape. Missing that (thing) that disperses the air and keeps the coal out of the air tube. Photos I've seen show a blower bolted to the pans edge. Never tried a coal forge yet. Would like to keep the forge as close to original as we can.
  3. I am new to this forum as I just started trying to do a little blacksmithing with a grandson. Just bought a Buffalo 625 blower and a Champion forge. (147=22). I'm interested in finding the blower that will go on the Champion forge. Don't know which one that is. Any ideas?
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