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  1. The hardest and most inconvenient job for me would be daily cleaning of the floors. In fact, I understand that such work should tune in the right way, like meditation. but I'm really lazy in this regard. Therefore, I have "my lovely helper". The most common robot vacuum cleaner that runs twice a day where I have an office part)) Near the workplace I have to do everything in an old-fashioned way (
  2. There is an option of using steam cleaning as in modern cleaning gadgets. You can see typical solutions right here. This is great for cleaning the ceramic floor in the kitchen (there is always something spilling on the floor). Steam treatment is localized and it will not be a problem of excessive moisture for the entire surface.
  3. To be honest, I don't think my ears would have heard anything when I was young. Hey man, don't bet everything on two because angel number 222 this is a sign of good luck! Something like that? It was useless for me at 20. I was young and self-confident. Basically, I can say that I have lived a good life up to this point. Let everything go as it is.
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