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  1. Ok. I managed to remove the blower tube (for lack of a better description). There is no orifices. This is embarrassing. I’m sure everyone on here knows where they should be. I was under the impression they were fitted to the end of each tube that blew in to the fire pot. I hate asking but this forum is the best resource I got. I’m literally learning as I go. See the photos below, this is where I thought the jets would be. Any help is welcome. On another note, I turned on the blower the day I got it. Today I turned it on and it wouldn’t turn, sounded like it was in bind, then smok
  2. Thank you. Sounds like a solid plan to me. Ill pull the old jets off tomorrow and try to change them out this weekend. I appreciate your help.
  3. It was given to me. Other than some propane I’m not out of cost. I do a lot of woodworking, a little welding, etc. Blacksmithing is just an interest. Basically I love tools. Collecting, restoring. I really don’t have any plans for it, other than to get it going and tinker with it here and there. Just a hobby. A small little neighborhood in central Louisiana
  4. Yeah there is. That’s basically all we have here. Propane. No natural gas. I understand changing out the jets, though I don’t know how yet. But how would I tune the air for the burners? I turned it on and let the blower work for a minute and played around with it. There is four places for the air/flame to come through. There is 2 large bolts on the back. They seal off the first and last burner or open them up just depending on how much you screw them in. Is this what you mean by tuning the air, or a bit more complicated like modifying the blower to blow harder or lower? Other than that, unles
  5. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it. Unfortunately I contacted Johnson gas and they said they were not the manufacturer of this forge, in which I don’t understand. It’s obviously a Johnson Blower. But then again, other than the writing on the Blower and the specs on the motor I can’t find any info anywhere on the forge itself, no model numbers, nothing. Perhaps some one made it from different parts. Anyways, the only advice they could really give is to try and change out the orifices. So I guess that will be my next aim, trying to learn what size orifice to replace it with. It’s just a li
  6. I was recently given an older and very used Johnson Gas Forge. See pictures. I don’t have access to natural gas. Is it possible to safely convert it to propane? This is all very new to me. I have tinkered around with a homemade coal forge but know nothing about the workings and mechanics of gas forges. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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