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  1. At 10 to 15 psi the flames went orange.
  2. My pipe ID measures .62 x 8 = 4.96 . I measure to have 5" of pipe from the 1" hole to the end of threads. This seems to tell me to find a smaller mig tip.
  3. Best pic I could get at this time.
  4. Mikey, I have the inside junction funneled, even the top of pipe is tapered. I cut 5/8" of threads off the 6" nipple, so I may need to remove another 1". In the pic it's only running 3psi.
  5. Here's the first look at my version of a 1/2" Frosty T. I drilled a 1 3/4 x 1 1/4 bar with 1" hole saw, then 3/8" length wise for the 1/8" sch 80 pipe holding a .023 mig tip. I then drilled the other end 7/8" to create the tee so I could weld in a 6" x 1/2" nipple, with the threads cut off the welded end. I drilled and taped for a 1/4" set screw to set depth of mig tip. The is the first firing if the burner, that I plan to use for a NARB.
  6. Here's some teasers. First is my 2z72. First forge. My improvised anvil with 3/4" hardy hole and large drawing round, also have a 2" round. Here are my first knives and electrical pvc sheaths.
  7. Thanks Randy, been reading for several weeks and have not learned the first 1 percent of what is available here. I try to find the info I think I need before my questions start flowing out in posts. I get better answers when I know what to ask about.
  8. Just west of the metromess. Made a few knifes from a saw blade and needed away to heat treat them. I built a hard firebrick forge and forced air burner. Now I'm waiting on more supplies to show up to build a 20lb propane tank forge. I have a little extra KOL, as I bought a 55lb bag. I've built a 2x72 grinder and a improvised anvil. I'm in the process of building my version of a 1/2" frosty. Tongs will be my first BS project. I've read enough to state that I've read "Read this First" LOL Thanks for such a great place to learn all this stuff.
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