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  1. Fantastic, You guys have already helped a lot. May experiment with this, or piece together a smaller (sounds preferred) more traditional route with pallets. Will update location, as well.
  2. Greetings all, I've been reading for some time and feel the JABOD is the path to introduce a coal forge into my shop. I am familiar with many designs, and have several materials available for use. An atypical item I think could potentially make a great JABOD box is an old steel ballast lighting troffer (4'x2') I have from re-wiring my kitchen. My apprehension is that this material may be too thin and warp under heat, even with the dirt in the box. What do you think? Would reinforce sides via a standard wood 'frame' (likely using pallet wood) If you were going to create a JABOD for a home forge, would this work or should I seek to employ a traditional build from forum? Fixture example below; plastic screen and all wiring removed. Thanks in advance.
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