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  1. Thanks , I will call some pottery supply stores tomorrow
  2. Yes , I do. What would be the ingredient?
  3. I did my search again , and found something whit the name of zirconium refractory painting , but I couldn't find it to buy here . I there any way to make it myself?
  4. I got that one I was hoping the refractory to be enough . you are referring to the kiln shelf you guys talk about a lot right? I get what the thing is ( I believe ) but I have no idea where or how to find it here (Argentina)
  5. Hi , let me start saying my english may not be good enough , so let me know if something is not clear . I been forging with my charcoal forge for half a year now , but wanted les time consuming , so i'm starting my first gas forge build. Resources are not really available in Argentina , so I been doing some research and trying to pull out some design that may work with what I have. First gas . Propane is too expensive here so , it has to be methane. People here use bottled methane for their gas forges , and works pretty well but a 10kg bottle is a bit out of my budget so i'm go
  6. Hi all , greetings from Argentina. I been doing some knives with 5160 and notice they're not able to hold a good edge. I believe it is because it's not a really hard steel , plus I have been tempering to straw yellow (I temper by color) . So the thing is I will be quenching a kitchen knife for my father tomorrow and I want to try not to temper (the edge at least) . The question is I'm I loosing some mechanical benefit besides toughness?
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