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  1. On 10/17/2021 at 5:23 PM, Frosty said:

    Looks like you bumped the fitting holding the mig tip. Try judging which way it's tilted by comparing the angle of the flame and how the mig tip appears through BOTH air intake ports. Then carefully try bending it with a small lever, I use a  small bladed screw driver. Tweak it a LITTLE and check the flame.

    You don't want to PRY, I twist the screwdriver to EASE the mig tip a little bit and check. 

    Oh, and the jet being out of alignment will make it run colder than it should so solving that might solve the heat issue.

    Frosty The Lucky.

    I found the issue

    somehow the threads on the mig tip was bent so i put a straight ne in and there was no real change so i completely took the burner off and there was 1/8 -1/4 inch of refractory on the side opposite the flames heading trimmed some of and that improved it with the old tip still used now to get the rest


  2. ok so now i have all the photos 

    flight up in a De-Haviland  Beaver




    ok so hears a good a place as any to start as these where the express rout to camp 1.5 hours of bouncing through bog and brush


     actually the first thing i saw was this kawdy lake international shack, Argo storage and partial wind break for those waiting for the planes




    P.S. more pictures in later comments

    heres a picture of a map i am 1.5hours east of burns lake at the bottom corner we where in an area south and west of Atlin, about 45min by plane from dease lake


  3. 18 hours ago, blacksmith-450 said:

    For the Veterans Day

    looks nice were they precut and textured while hot or was that all forged? 


    added to my forge stand now can block of both ends and hang "all" my 5 :( hammers right there(only 4 in pic as 1 is getting a new handle IMG_0157.thumb.JPG.5c9e2894545a2283bc9198bc7e4b4bc8.JPG


    got my forge running again is it normal for a frosty t to eject the at an angle? i don't remember it doing this before could it be due to refractory getting in the nozzle


    also its only heating to a bright orange to increase the temperature i need to add oxygen (pull the mig tip back from mix tube)



  4. On 8/27/2021 at 8:18 AM, ThomasPowers said:

    I use wooden kitchen matches to light my forge. Or I turn on the gas and flip a lighted match in the open door---more exciting for new smiths in my shop.

    ah this is the way i do it now i used to use a torch strikes and went through flints to fast for my wallet then at Dollarama i found they have boxes of 250 kitchen matches for 1.99 so this works out nicer no bunt hands etc.


  5. ok an SOS  here i made charcoal today and it went good except when I went to shut it down the barrel was bent and there are air gaps so the fire continues to oxidize i have lost about half my initial crop please help me what should i do can i pour water on and then dry the fuel out later or what do you recommend



  6. a few pics to keep you anticipating

    loaded and trip up




    a young black bear outside the owners place where we stopped before leaving at 4am to drive up arrived at flat plane base 10:15




    need to wait for my father to get back from logging camp before i can continue(weekend maybe) as stupid me put the cameras in my backpack for the flight in and had to use his phone 



  7. please correct me if I am wrong

     from what I've read some woods require to be stabilized in a vacuum chamber and something like cactus juice.

    what I'm wondering is it ok to use oak or apple wood (I was given both) with just keeping them dry and then a good finish of BLO on top or if i need to make/ find someone with the equipment to stabilize 

    thanks and sorry if I'm repeating something in another thread I did do some basic searches but might have missed it


  8. On 9/22/2021 at 6:27 PM, Frosty said:

    A few years ago we got quite a few lightning storms and it's rare to hear distant thunder here. A tree was struck between our place and a neighbor down the hill about 120'. I was awake watching out the window, I've always loved thunderstorms. 

    I felt the close strike before I saw/heard it. Well I heard it too, my hair stood on end and I heard a strong buzz that turned to a crackle then CRACK/FLASH BOOM. Shook the house and sent birch splinters flying for a ways. 

    WAY too close!

    Frosty The Lucky.

    my father had a similar experience the worst i had was a strike close to school when we(me and some friends) was messing around the baseball backstop the strike was enough to stand the hair on you neck we where immidiately ordered away as  that wat the largest medal object for quite a ways

    On 9/27/2021 at 12:21 PM, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

    Oh deer! You guys are at it again lol

    well yes its open season for those who doe like buck meat

    On 10/1/2021 at 11:04 AM, Michael said:

    I've had all the parts to set up an oxy propane torch for months now. Regulators and torch from a PraxAir exchange deal, hoses from Amazon, Oxy tank from an estate sale last March, 30 lb propane tank from the local supplier, (the gas forge  drains the 20 lb exchange tanks too fast). 

    i use a 20 30 and have a filled 100 but haven't done enough to need it hopfully this winter it will be needed


  9. On 9/10/2021 at 1:28 PM, Frosty said:

    Nice but not my favorite color. I'm particularly fond of a nice buckskin they're almost as attractive as a, medicine hand, blue roan, Appaloosa. I like flashy two tones.

    Frosty The Lucky.

    my same thoughts saw some excellent appys in the mountains didn't get much on pics but therewas a red roan i have a few of 

    glad your still kickn


  10. On 8/24/2021 at 1:58 PM, Frosty said:

    Chucky is untouchable on a drive of any kind.

    Frosty The Lucky.

    sorry i should have explained better at base camp there is a cook out at spike camps the guide and/or wrangler will do the cooking the wrangler at the least is stuck with dishes (we are usually blessed by the inventor of paper plates:D)

    also yes on a drive I have herdB) of stories of what happened if someone decided to mess with chucky they would get some oil in the next meal, and runs for the next day. this was an effective safe guard as for a man on a horse getting off every time you need to let on rip (quite often with all the beans)and this would be a  simple waty for chucky to get revenge

    not sure this could be an urban legend if so correct me


    on the other hand i am going to grab the few items i still need from the city

  11. 20 hours ago, Frosty said:

     I look forward to pics. How long will you be wrangling? Is this individual hunts or several from a base camp, or? It's been a long time since I've been on a long ride. About week and a half was the longest, I think. Good times.

    Be safe and stay on Chucky's good side!

    month and a half, 3 hunts moose and caribou as well as wolves this will be the longest trip i have been on (the last one was me and father for 2 weeks after bison ) PS I might end up being chucky for part of the time

    6 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

    Going to bring along a copy of Alferd Griner Packer's Biography to read around the fire whilst you toy with a hatchet?

    NO I might get kicked out of camp for that or at the least be allowed zero access to the axe/hatchet (I had to look that up and was surprised i was able to sleep after that)

    10 hours ago, George N. M. said:

    Alferd Packer, serving humanity since 1874.

    "By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

    ok that's quite funny in a very dark way


  12. this is where i will be posting pics of this years wrangler trip (for those who don't know a wrangler is the person incharge of the horses, in my case for a hunting outfitter)

    i will also hopfully give some pics as i prepare for the trip

    keep safe y'all and don't burn yourselves when I'm gone


  13. haven't been in the shop for the last while and wont be for the next month and a half as I am going wrangling for a hunting outfitter will start a thread in everything-else to post pics in

    on that note what do y'all recommend for hiking boots i destroyed my last pair and was very unhappy with them (the soles where to hard and i slipped on damp rocks

    tp happy your OK


  14. i recently pulled strut springs off a pair and luckily my father was there to stop me or i might not be here with the proper tools is safe. without it can kill you

    on a side note i got 2 fix up snow machines today a 500 and a 440cc hope to post pict tomorrow


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