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  1. I got my xxx-xxx slapped twice in two days by a mod. One was for using a word for “donkey” that you can even find in the Bible. The second time was for “improperly quoting.” I feel like I’m the nicest guy who will have been banned from IFI. Anyway, I’ll try to do better. Incidentally, I hate it when people speak about me in the third person when I’m literally right here. It’s not a big coal forge, and the canoe definitely was too big. You can watch the first youtube link I posted to get an idea of it’s size. I bought a piece of 1.5” angle iron and will try again with a 1.5
  2. That Harbor Freight press was just sitting around gathering cobwebs after I replaced the rear axle bearings on my pickup. I just wanted to see what I could make it do. I got the idea from a blacksmith on YouTube (who was also on F in F twice), but he didn't have the foot pedal and air cylinder. I need to build a proper hydraulic press one of these days. I remembered the admonition that if you think the can has soaked long enough at forging temperature, let it soak for another 20 minutes. I kept that in mind. I think the problem is that only the bottom half reached that lemon yellow col
  3. It’s not my usual practice to get distracted and neglect the fire, so no real issues there. Only happens every once in while. But I admit that after four months of recovery from rotator cuff surgery, I am indeed out of practice. My Harbor Freight press is really only good for making smaller knives. So, I guess I need my son to come over next time and man my big xxx sledge hammer.
  4. I’m just now getting back into blacksmithing after four months of PT. I had a wrecked right shoulder and recovery from surgery had been slow and difficult. I feel good enough to wield a hammer now and decided to come back in grand style. I’ve had several successes doing regular Damascus, but I decided to try a canister. I TIG welded up a 2”x2”x4” canoe, 1/8” thick walls, painted it with White Out, and filled it with spring coil segments from a garage door spring, cut nails, some hurricane shutter screws, and powdered steel. When I picked it up, I immediately knew I probably ma
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