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  1. Thanks Frosty. So from my research, this anvil is wrought iron with a tool steel top welded on. The American Wrought Iron Co was founded by a former Hay Budden employee who left and started his own company down the street from Hay Budden. They were only in business from 1899-1911 so it’s not a well known anvil maker. I figured I should have snapped pictures before putting the fluid film on it to protect it. It’s not hard to take off so give me a few days and once I have nicer weather I’ll remove it to get pictures that show everything a lot better! Thanks
  2. Thank you Thomas for the help! I figured it out. I tried to show all the cracks everywhere as they are on the body, waist, and base. But the face of the anvil is in great shape
  3. Hey guys, happy Thursday! So I’m new to this forum. Mostly a vise guy but have always been looking out for an anvil and finally stumbled across one. Was covered in dirt and rust but could tell there was a makers mark. Looked well taken care of as the face and horn are in great shape (step isn’t the best). I got it home and went to town with a wire wheel. It’s an American Dunn & Murcott made in Brooklyn NY and seems to be a pretty rare anvil! It has 130 stamped into it making it 130# and made sometime between 1899-1911. The more rust and dirt I took off, the more damage I seemed to find unfortunately... it has cracks all over the place! The top of the anvil is in great shape compared to the rest which I found kind of weird. Tested rebound with a ball pein which seemed to be pretty good and has a nice ring up to the hardy hole. Beyond the hardy hole, the heel has terrible rebound and has a different sound which I can’t imagine is good. Here are some pictures of what I’m talking about. I’m hoping it’s not too serious? Wanted to hear some thoughts on it and if its too far gone. I was able to snag this anvil for only $150 so I’m not too crushed but it definitely is a bummer **I’m having trouble uploading pictures. Is there a trick to it that I’m missing? Or am I too new and need a certain number of posts first?
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