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  1. I'm sorry for coming across this thread so late, my prayers are with you and your family. Please be safe and do what you need to do to be with your family in this difficult time.
  2. No worries Welshj, this is how we learn and share , I'm always open to conversations being expanded on. Hey Bob, thanks for the info, When I get some time I'm going to check it out. I've seen some of the stuff Jason has done and it's cool, Kinda wish he would do some more judging on forged in fire.
  3. Thanks for the feed back guys, I'm glad I asked before putting in the work. I now at least have a kinda cool very sharp letter opener that just needs to be cleaned up and hand sanded just to make it pretty.
  4. Well this is my first knife. Still need to heat treat it. Doe anyone know what rail way spikes are usually made from? I think it"s a medium carbon but I'm not sure. Oh and does anyone know any good reading or videos on grinding blades? I know I could use some help.
  5. I hear ya Thomas. I am working but only two days a week (service tech) and teaching my son his school work which is a full time job on it's own. By the time I get free time I'm exhausted. Going through the forums is great but I do get jealous seeing all the things everyone is making.
  6. Thanks guys this has been very helpful. I do keep my coal wet in a bucket, and use a sprinkling can to keep things moist as per the back yard blacksmith, great book by the way. I now have a better idea of what to do once I have the cap made, I also believe I might of been packing things down too hard. Now hopefully I can get out and do some leaves and hooks....once I can get a baby sitter or school is opened....I hate this isolating thing......sorry about the small rant.
  7. I usually just close the air gate. I have a light switch that can turn it on and off, I was just told that was very hard on the fan and to use the air gate instead.
  8. Hey Thomas thanks for the reply. The coal I buy I'm told as per the website is bituminous blacksmiths coal from Virginia (pea size from the looks of it). I made my forge, it's 1/2" mild plate, that's 9"x10"x4.5" I use a 70 cfm bathroom fan as a blower bottom blast. I have spoken to a local smith about doing grunt work around the shop so I can observe, I just need to wait for businesses to open and book time off (shhhhh don't tell the wife this is how I want to spend my vacation lol) and who knows how long that could be in here in Ontario. Here are the pics of my forge and blower. Yes I know the welds are ugly, I'm teaching myself to weld still. I'm doing just basic work, I'm wanting to be proficient with the basic skills before getting onto forge welding. (no matter how badly I want to make damascus)
  9. I know this is a very newbie question, but I feel that I'm not very efficient with my coal. I've done some reading and have watched some youtube videos and I kind of know in theory how to manage my fire, but I'm not getting a consistent heat, or i'm smothering the fire when packing it down, or there are big clumps of coke that crust the top, heck sometimes I end up with a hole right above the clinker breaker. I just want to be efficient and not waste time/fuel. How do I know if I have too much air or not enough. I guess I'm just trying to get the "coal fire management for dummies" explanation on this.
  10. That's perfect and a great way to test my chimney, thanks Frosty.
  11. This is my set up, It's the super sucker I found plans for, with a 10" stack single wall stove pipe.
  12. I have been seeing some posts saying that you can use 12" spiral pipe from an HVAC supplier. I know that most spiral pipe in HVAC is galvanized, so wouldn't that cause some major safety issues with a coal burning forge?
  13. I can't say this enough thank you all so very much. I have very quickly decided to leave my anvil alone, and make a hardy tool block with several radius. I've been attempting to learn the Brian Brazeal method of doing tappers. It's probably me but it feels like my anvils edges are to curved for it. I'm probably wrong in this and it's just my method lol. oh well now to figure out what to make that block from and practice by making leaves and hooks.
  14. Thanks for all the info, I've got alot of reading to do.
  15. Thanks for the input guys. Does anyone know what it's made from, how I can find out how old it is, I tried looking up the company but didn't find much, so i figured this is the best place to get info on my anvil.
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