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  1. After my first post / question above I made a deep dive into this forum and have seen many design errors with my forge There is a sliding valve after the blower, to be able to limit the air flow, however, air blast direction must be changed. I have seen that Japanese charcoal forge designs, tuyere pipe makes approximately 30 degrees angle downwards and connects the forge wall horizontally. As "Irondragon ForgeClay Works" mentions, charcoal size must be smaller. Wallnut-peanut size would be better. I've learned from the forum that the iron I'm trying to heat needs to mate not with the
  2. Hello Charles and everybody. I'm new to this forum and also new to blacksmithing. I've just had the same problem with my forge. I've designed it for coke assuming that finding coke is easy however could only find good quality coal (low sulphur) and maintaining an even fire with coal is another craft I don't have yet. Now I'm using my forge with charcoal (from red oak) and realize that the fire depth is not enough and as you mention tuyere at the bottom creates lots of fire fleas (hope we speak about the same thing). I have plenty of firebricks and refractory cement. Would it be a good idea
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