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  1. Didn't know if it would help at all Are you saying to switch from a bottom fed to a side fed. Also what should I use to reduce amount of air flow I have been trying to think of different ideas. I am also doing this at little to no expense
  2. It is hard to tell from the pictures but everything is below ground I have a hole that is about 1' deep with a 4x4 grate about 3" from the bottom and my pot is about 4"deep tapering from 4x4 to about 8x10 I have an old roder from my car I was thinking of buying to use as the base of my fire pot but wasn't sure about using it
  3. I am very new to black smithing I and am just looking for some tips and mabey to meet some local Smith's to learn from that said As of right now I have a 2" pipe feeding air in to a tunnel that blows through a 4x4" iron grate all that is at the bottom of a 8x8x4" hole (I am using this as my fire pot) I have 2 brick pavers I am using as sides( to block wind and contain heat) with a cinder block on top( block is mostly for stability of pavers but also seams to help contain some heat) I have an area on the back side that I have dug to the same level as the top of the pot I use to store charcoal that I was thinking would be good for cokeing up the coal I am using my wife's old 3 speed hair dryer duct taped to the end of the pipe. I have thus far only used hardwood charcoal in it but have gotten 2 40lbs bags of arithracite nugget coal hopping it will not burn quite so fast. I was hoping to get some tips on air flow control and also the 3 areas of the fire
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