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  1. thank you, I still cant find someone who sells plistix-900f in New Zealand but I am thankful for the advice.
  2. I am looking for itc-100 and cant find any. I have a gas forge that barely gets to welding heat and i would like to get it hotter so i can forge weld better, I live in new Cealand and cant find a place that either sells in new Zealand or ships to new Zealand I don't mind buying from overseas. i am aware that there probably aren't many people who are open right now because of Covid-19 but am looking for someone to buy from after normal life resumes. thanks!
  3. I have a forge with kaowool that is coated with satanite but it keeps nagging at me that fibres May still be getting out and I want to know if the forge is not in use do fibres still come off and into the air? The forge is in my shed where the workshop is along with a small gym and I want to know if the forge being in there will be putting dangerous fibres into the air just by it being in there or should I make a box and keep it outside? Please assume the forge is not coated if answering, thanks
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