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  1. The "trunnion" broke where the screw goes through to tighten it to the support bar
  2. Thank you for the reply Kozzy. I guess that is my next step is to find a good metal guy around me and see if they can make the repair. I guess I was thinking in this day and age nothing can be fixed. I'm just a weekend warrior and don't use it much, but when I have a project it has always been reliable. I did figure out how to add a picture. I attached the picture from the manual. The break is through the tightening screw hole. When I get home later, I'll post the actual part picture and Maybe I'll find a new friend around here that can help me with a repair. Thanks again
  3. Thank you. I did reach out to toolkraft. They sell, parts, but they not longer have the trunnion.
  4. Hello, I just took out my Toolkraft sander out of storage for a project, and when I was adjusting the table for the disc sander, I broke the trunnion holding the table when I tried to tighten it in place (this guy is old). I wasn't able to upload a picture, but the part I am looking for is shown on page 11 in the publication below. Any help out there finding a replacement would be great. I have had this sander for 30+ years and do not want to give up on it. Thank you, Patrick http://vintagemachinery.org/pubs/240/17812.pdf
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