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  1. Gillie

    Forge help

    I think what I will do is leave the one I have like it is since it does hit a good forge temp and metal is easy to work without killing my arm swinging a hammer and just get a small roll of kwool and make a second that I will try with more wool and get some of the ir reflective coating that was mentioned. Scared if I try screwing with the one I can at lest forge with it will become useless lol. I have everything to make a second one and when I make it smaller like you all recommend I’ll have way more then enough everything else without the kwool and frosty I don’t think your saying anyth
  2. Gillie

    Forge help

    Ok as for frosty’s first comment I do pass back and forth for my larger knives I have made so I don’t burn the metal to sheet lol for smaller ones it don’t take long there in and out in no time with not much scale build up at all that’s why I say good forge temp. Although I could be wrong I don’t know for sure. As for the tubes being placed into the air not with I was having some problems with it and tried just to get the mix better and it seemed to work out for me for forging. Again can’t weld but forge and heat treat not bad at all. irondragon I do have a shop vac I could try and s
  3. Gillie

    Forge help

    I have made a few longer k-bar like knives for friend. I’m in the military and everyone wants k-bars so that’s why I made it 18” so I could make a 10” blade with a 5” hidden tang for my comrades. Only reason it’s that long
  4. Gillie

    Forge help

    I was out for a bit more then an hour trying to get it hot enough to weld and sorry didn’t realize that’s what the quote button did sorry
  5. Gillie

    Forge help

    Have high temp refractory and kwool liner of 1” I still have all kind of kwool and refractory also plenty of metal I could make another and try that and see. If you all thing more kwool less refractory May bring it up to the welding temp I need I’m game. All kind of stuff to make another forge around still
  6. Gillie

    Forge help

    I have 1” kwool then 2” of refractory cement. I use kwool for the back till it’s nice n hot then I remove it and get everything tuned for forging. I left the kwool in on the back when I was trying to get it hot enough to weld tho
  7. Gillie

    Forge help

    3 inches and yeah I’ll fire it back up and try to get some pics then
  8. Gillie

    Forge help

    No but I’ll get some soon as she cools off just got done trying to get a welding temp
  9. Gillie

    Forge help

    So I’m new to the smithing world been doing lots of research and what not way before I started to try forging. Now I have made a pretty good forge hits a grate gorging temp can bring it down to a good heat treat temp. But I just can’t seem to hit that welding temp I need to try and make damascus for some reason. Forge is 18” long and 5” x 5” wide tall in the forge. Using a forced air system I have refined a few time it is all 1 1/2 pipe with 2 to 1 1/2 to 2” reducer fittings with a star pattern in them with 7/32 in the center 5/32 on the first loop and then 1/8 on the outside loop all holes a
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