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  1. I worked warehouse and it's just rows and rows of product. We had to wear aprons and it's a joke for us to come up behind people and untie them. We had several mexican woman get their aprons untied and there be no one around. It only happened to them and only happened in a certain spot of the upstairs warehouse. We ended up calling whatever it was micheal. He only untied aprons and knocked product off shelves so it wasnt anything scary just more of an annoyance.
  2. I'm trying to build up my street cred to loiter around the blacksmiths. Gotta get your foot in the door somehow right?
  3. I'll delete the post then, just give me a moment to figure out how. Was just trying to participate and start conversation. I'm aware of the history here as I'm a tour guide for it. I was hoping to learn about other places. I'll stick to my own after this. My apologies.
  4. I was more interested in anyones here sense it's a diverse group and I've found it a fun topic. Was just curious if anyone here had first hand ghost stories of interest.
  5. Ive taken a part time job giving historic tours through Williamsburg, VA.(using it to save for my forge) We go all through the town from W&M college where thomas Jefferson went to school to the peyton Randolph house which is considered the most haunted house in virginia and tell the unexplainable happenings... but I makes me curious. Do you all have any ghost stories of your area? Old abandoned legends, I feel ghost story telling is a dying art. I would love to hear anyones! Thank you!!
  6. Lol dont worry buddy I'll keep it for ya.
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone! J have a lot of ready to do! If you have any more information to share please do! Len
  8. Hello! I recently moved onto base with my husband in ft Eustis virginia. I'm looking to get into blacksmithing and look forward to learning from a lot of you. A friend of mine Charles suggested this forum and I am extremely happy to find a place with resources. I like to plan well Before executing. I have 0 experience in smithing, but am not unfamiliar with craft work. I've done leather, woodwork, and costume sewing. I love creating and look forward to experiencing what black smithing has to offer. Thank you Nikkik