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  1. I read them, thanks. I haven't had much time in the workshop this week. Will go through them and try out a few things this weekend. thanks.
  2. I did take the burner out and try tuning it better. It starts off easy enough at low pressure, but even at 30psi i can't open the choke more than a fraction before it goes out. I opened up the regulator to 10, 15, 20, 25 then 30 psi. Each time i opened the choke slowly from back to front. But as soon as it opened each time it went out. heres a video of what I did. also a few screen shots of my forge just for future reference.
  3. I haven't tries running it outside the forge, but I can try that. I'll put it in the bench vise and try tuning it. I'll see if i can take a few videos to show exactly hoe it behaves. thanks for all the feedback
  4. I purchased the burner on amazon and I contacted the seller to get the info for the manufacturer to see if they provided any support. I haven't been able to find the manufacturer online I just keep getting amazon, ebay and other online store pages for similar products. As far as it being hard or soft. It's a rigid brick, but not as hard as wall bricks or pavers. It's pretty easy to cut through with hand tools. The front of the forge is completely open 4.5in x 8 in. The back has a small opening about 1in x 8in. yes, when i first light the burner it is long whippy yellow color. When i open the choke slightly the core turns a little blue, but still yellow around the outer edges. If i open the choke to expose the first set of holes completely, the flame goes out. I light it at low pressure and the front of the forge is completely open. Should I be opening the back completely as well? As soon as I get home I will include some pictures so that you can all see what I'm doing
  5. I recently started getting into forging and I built a small propane forge. It's built out of fire brick. I drilled a hole at the top/side (depending on which way you lay it. I've tried both orientations) and fit the burner into it. The dimensions inside the forge are about 4.5 x 8 inches. When I light up the burner initially it works fine with the choke completely closed. As soon as I start to open up the choke more than a fraction of an inch the flame goes out completely. I've tried opening the choke at anywhere between 1-10 psi, but it keeps going out on me as soon as I stat to open it. Here is the list of components that I used. Adjustable Propane Regulator 0-30PSI High Pressure 5 FEET SS Braided Hose-Type1 (QCC1) and 3/8 Female Flare Swivel Fitting commercial link removed Goede Stainless Steel Foundry/Forge Burner commercial link removed US Stove Company FBP6E FireBrick commercial link removed Could the burner be defective, or am I doing something wrong here.