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    Making lots of different things. From Arduino Quadcopters to Full-Size arcade cabinet using a Raspberry Pi. I have recently got into metal working and knife making.

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  1. I do all my melting outside and I wear a 3M 6200 Medium Respirator Face mask as a precaution. So anytime I get a lot of fumes from anything I just step back and let it burn out. I don't use any kind of flux. I have been having some better experience wrapping the zinc in aluminum foil and dropping it in to the bottom of the crucible at the last minute and them mixing it quick. That seems to burn off a lot less. I will also try adding some borax as a flux to help reduce the zinc exposure to air.
  2. I have made a few attempts to make Nordic Gold (89% copper, 5% aluminum, 5% zinc, 1% tin). I am having trouble with the Zinc boiling away, which boils at a much lower temperature than copper melts. I usually have the temp of the foundry at around 2,000F - 2,200F to melt the copper. I have tried melting all 4 metals together. I have tried Adding the zinc last once everything else is molten I have tried adding melted zinc to the other 3 Every time I try to make it, it seems like a lot of the zinc boils away. All of a sudden I get a bright flash and big plume of smoke comi
  3. I read them, thanks. I haven't had much time in the workshop this week. Will go through them and try out a few things this weekend. thanks.
  4. I did take the burner out and try tuning it better. It starts off easy enough at low pressure, but even at 30psi i can't open the choke more than a fraction before it goes out. I opened up the regulator to 10, 15, 20, 25 then 30 psi. Each time i opened the choke slowly from back to front. But as soon as it opened each time it went out. heres a video of what I did. also a few screen shots of my forge just for future reference. Video.mov
  5. I haven't tries running it outside the forge, but I can try that. I'll put it in the bench vise and try tuning it. I'll see if i can take a few videos to show exactly hoe it behaves. thanks for all the feedback
  6. I purchased the burner on amazon and I contacted the seller to get the info for the manufacturer to see if they provided any support. I haven't been able to find the manufacturer online I just keep getting amazon, ebay and other online store pages for similar products. As far as it being hard or soft. It's a rigid brick, but not as hard as wall bricks or pavers. It's pretty easy to cut through with hand tools. The front of the forge is completely open 4.5in x 8 in. The back has a small opening about 1in x 8in. yes, when i first light the burner it is long whippy yell
  7. I recently started getting into forging and I built a small propane forge. It's built out of fire brick. I drilled a hole at the top/side (depending on which way you lay it. I've tried both orientations) and fit the burner into it. The dimensions inside the forge are about 4.5 x 8 inches. When I light up the burner initially it works fine with the choke completely closed. As soon as I start to open up the choke more than a fraction of an inch the flame goes out completely. I've tried opening the choke at anywhere between 1-10 psi, but it keeps going out on me as soon as I stat
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