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  1. Well it’s irrelevant to the forge, I just forgot to take it off. This whole thing is extremely heavy so I messed up by welding everything on top of some saw horses I had in my shop. I have to start with it being upside down then as I got the legs and pipe welded on I ran into an issue of getting the thing off the horses without dropping it to the floor. So luckily I had my hoist just above it and I used that to get it off and then to the ground. Thanks see if I can hunt down the thread and read over that. I’ve seen some videos on YouTube about folks using the brake drums as fire pits. Mine tho, is just a flat surface with a 3 inch hole for the air flow and I just have the bricks setting on top of that. So I think I have the right concept I just need to tweak the design a bit to fit the fire pot.
  2. Yea those are old fire bricks I had on the property for the chimney so I’ll look into what your talking about. I’m still new to this so any suggestion is welcomed. I’m having a hard time trying to find just a regular blacksmith store rather than getting stuff online but I’m afraid finding what I need online may be my only option. I can always repurpose the forge to fit a different dimensions so that’s no problem there Yes sir, I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge so I thought I should start with just green coal/solid fuel. I can make a gas forge easy but that’s easy, haha. This thing I made here took me about a week to make. I didn’t know about the slag sticking to the bricks so I think I’m going to look around for a fire pot like Charles said. Thanks for the advise bud!
  3. Hello all! So I have never forged before a day in my entire life. But, I have been watching this show on the history channel for a long time called Forged In Fire. I was quite fascinated with the metal working. I’ve also watched some folks forge from a coal forge and so now I have decided that I wanted to make myself a coal forge of my own and give it a good try. So, for the past week or so on my spare time I cut and welded my very own coal forge that did not cost me a dime except the materials on my property that was just laying around. I have never made one before so this was quite an experience that I think turned out well. The only thing is is it is extremely heavy. I still do want to add a few more fire bricks soon. I hope this new forge I made will work out so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know and go easy on me with my weld work. I’m a better wood worker than I am a welder, HAHA! Thanks everyone!