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  1. Irondragon Forge and Clay I gave it a read just after making my account. Lots of good tips! I will definitely check out the safety sections, gotta keep the family safe! I appreciate the thoughtfulness to mention it.
  2. CGL Thanks for the welcome! I do think my prior experience will help with problem solving and, if I take it further one day, a business. I’m already addicted and I haven’t even used heat yet! Pnut I pass through your area every couple months to see family. You’re about an hour north. I’m just south of Lexington. I appreciate the link! I was looking at a coffee can forge for heat treating knives, but I wanted to do coal for the hammer and anvil type projects. Pay day today, so I may get my coffee can forge stuff after work
  3. Hey all, just wanted to say hi. I’m just getting into metal working a little and every search led me to this forum. I’m hoping to really dig into projects this year. I have never worked with metal before, unless soldering electronics counts (I personally don’t think it does). I plan to start with some simple stock removal knife projects (almost done with a simple drop point from a small spanner) and work my way to doing some hammer and anvil work. I have to save up to get some of the tools I’ll need.Right now I’m working with VERY basic tools, like files, c clamps, and a dremel... but I do have a 12x20 shop area I’m working on in my basement. My background is pretty broad; aviation, mechanics, electronic security, computer science, material/supply chain, and finance. None of those really help with blacksmithing, welding, or blade work. I’ve already learned a lot just reading around a little, and I expect I’ll learn a lot more as I dive into some more reading on the forum.
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