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  1. I believe the mig tip orifice was the biggest problem. I changed it to a 0.030 because i had one on hand. it worked pretty well after that. I will measure the alignment in the morning but it could be the angle of the picture that makes it look off too. I wish i would have caught the "T" size being a 3/4"×3/4"×3/4" when i ordered it. I think im gonna order the right size "T" and replace it. But if the thing will get it to temperature i may just leave it. The mig tip made a huge difference tho. I only paid 15 buck for that burner so if i do end up replacing the "T" its not too big a deal for me. Thank you for taking the time to look at those pictures and respond! I appreciate the people here on this forum so much! I am learning more than i thought i would need to know when i began this project! Hopefully tomorrow i will be banging on some hot metal! I figure that if it all goes wrong i can have a gas heater for my shop and go back to my coal forge. Hah!!! Oh man i hope this thing works!!! Hah!! Well thanks again!!
  2. Thank you for that information! I think i figured it out though. I put a 0.030 mig tip in and it seems fine now. It came with a very very small tip already installed. so just for kicks i figured i would change it out and sure enough it helped a bunch. Very good quiet flame stays on until i turn off the gas. Thank you for responding tho!
  3. Hey yall. I ordered a 3/4" t burner because it was cheaper than i could by the material to make my own. Also i lack some of the necessary tools for the build. The burner i have will not stay lit. I have a 0-30 regulator with gauge. I've tried various pressures to no avail. It will burn very loudly. (Popping and all sorts of turbulence). But only at low pressure. Like 5 lbs. At 12 to 15 lbs of pressure it will calm down and run smooth and quiet for a few seconds then it goes out. I had it in the forge and it would never calm down it was just a very loud turbulent yellow flame. I will include pictures of what i have. Ive been reading for and hour trying to figure it out but nothing ive found has helped me understand the problem. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Frosty sent me his plans to build his burner.. But after reading them i realized that i need more tools than i have available. This is my first dealings with a propane forge ever. Anyway thank yall for the help!!
  4. I applied the kast o lite 30 to my forge today and it seemed a bit thin. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to order plistix 900f and apply that as well? Or if the kast o lite being thin would affect the application of the plistix? Also is the kast o lite 30 supposed to be grainy and coarse? I've never seen kast o lite before. I guess i was expecting it to be smoother and harder. Thanks yall!
  5. I will. It shouldn't get that cold. Our low tonight is around 38. The rest of the week its supposed to be warmer. This stuff is a pain to make stick to the sides and top or my forge tho! I assumed it was gonna be more like portland cement. But its much more coarse.
  6. Thank you very much for your time and help!
  7. Im building my first propane forge. I just lined it with 2 one inch layers of ceramic blanket and sprayed it with ins tuff rigidizer. In the morning i plan to coat it with kast o lite 30. After i coat it with the kast o lite will it be ok if i just leave it for around 5 days without heating it up?? I wont have time to do any heat treating until next weekend. Ive read a bunch of stuff but nothing that answers my question. Thanks yall!
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