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  1. Oh ok. Sorry I just genuinely didn’t know. I worded that question badly, I wasn’t doubting you just trying to learn how that would break the handle like that. Thanks for the explanation!
  2. Oh. I’m not saying you’re wrong or anything, just asking, it looks like a piece of the handle who’s grain doesn’t go through to the head popped off. How would using it normally make that section pop off, even with bad grain?
  3. Honestly, the wire looks kind of cool, and if you made it look intentional, it could form an interesting pattern (not on this one specifically but if you were to revisit it). There may be some flaws, but it still looks pretty darn good in my opinion, and I think you should try and give yourself more credit. The back may look not the greatest, but you only need one good side, the other can be placed strategically against a wall.
  4. Guessing that break was the product of over hitting and slamming the handle into the wood or whatever was being chopped?
  5. I'm 15 now, but I was 14 at the time I built my forge and mounted my anvil. Now, I didn't start forging until about a year later, but that's a discussion for a different time. I built a JABOD and have an 8lb sledgehammer head as my anvil. I spent right around $50 on this stuff, but honestly most of that cost was just for convenience (i.e. I could scavenge most of it but chose to buy it instead). It isn't near as hard as you would expect to get started. One thing I would suggest is that you take every chance you get to go look for useful things (i.e. you're in the car and you see a flea market,
  6. I made a towel bar for my cousin, a project I’ve been meaning to bang out (pun intended) for a month or so. I also learned a very important lesson- don’t grab the coal that falls out of my forge even if I think it’s cold (it was dumb I know but I won’t be doing it again any time soon LOL). I also heated a couple screws up to red heat and finished them with paste wax to match the rest of the bar.
  7. Chimaera, try not to discourage yourself so much in relation to your work. It does nothing but ensure you create something sub-par. Even if you do end up with something that’s not what you would have liked, you’ll have a piece to learn from. I remember a few months ago when I was just sure I would never be good at forging. I’ve been busy with school and so haven’t been able to do much forging, but even with the little I have done, I’ve seen myself improve greatly. Sure, I’ve made some big mistakes and some stupid ones, but I learned from them and have made less of them in later projects. Gran
  8. I’m in drivers Ed right now, which combined with the rain is why I’ve not done anything today. However I wanted to share a little chuckle I had. We’re watching a video about texting and driving and one man said “I’m not big on technology. As a blacksmith all your problems can be solved by a bigger hammer. More heat and a bigger hammer.” I know it’s not quite accurate but it still gave me a laugh.
  9. Haven’t got out in the past few days (sub freezing temps-even in the garage), but last Wednesday I started on a little seax knife.
  10. Today I got to do a long block of smithing for the first time in forever. Had a dang good time and even got to do some on a live stream. I made an arrowhead, a small heart for a Valentine’s Day necklace, and twisted a small section of square bar that will turn into a small pendant. I also attempted a rr spike bottle opener and a hair pin, but the hair pin was too small and didn’t bend the way I wanted it to (I know why and how to fix it next time), and I need to make myself a plate with a hole to punch on so I don’t end up with a mangled mess like I did with the bottle opener. Side note: does
  11. Yeah I’ve normally kept a tarp on it, but it didn’t like the sun and the last time I took it off it just frayed to bits in my hands. Ok, I figured it wouldn’t just wanted to check and make sure before I did it and blew up a forge in my face. I don’t think there’s enough clay content for it to crack.
  12. It stormed last night, and while I haven't been out yet today I know my forge is a mud puddle right now. I plan to do some work on wednesday, but now I'm not sure if I can. Can I just light it while wet? I know water can cause explosions in like casting and stuff, and am worried that it might happen here. Should I be worried about it? If I cannot use it wet, what are some ways I could either dry it out or just replace the mud now? I'm at school and cant post a picture now, but I will when I'm home.
  13. Nice find Thomas! I need to do more searching at salvage places, maybe someday I’ll get lucky like that too, or maybe not. Either way, I’ll be able to find something usable (and consequentially something to clutter my space LOL)
  14. ahhh but if I make something for her then she will figure I've done something wrong. i cleaned all the borax off the spoon and what she doesn't know can't hurt her... right?
  15. Here’s the picture. Does anyone who knows more than me on this have any input, specifically in the weld itself?
  16. Yesterday I lit the forge and wasn't sure what I was gonna do, but I ended up making a fire poker and in the process making my first forge weld. As far as I can tell it took quite well and is fairly strong, will post picture in a bit. I haven't done much forging recently as I've been dealing with a bunch of school related stress, and I took the break to really just relax. It was nice to get out and get something done, and I am pumped to do more. (side note- I used one of my mum's dinner spoons as a flux spoon, forgiveness over permission LOL)
  17. Yeah I was thinking of doing the L mounting. Could I possibly use a saw to cut part way through it and then split a chunk off with my axe?
  18. You’re right, sorry I should have posted a more specific question originally. My first question is what angle grinder disc should I use to grind the face? My other question is if I mount it upright what would be a good tool to use to carve down the stump? I know lots use a chainsaw but I’ve not done much with a chainsaw and that makes me nervous, so I’d prefer to not use that but I could probably do it.
  19. I got this section of rail for Christmas and I wanted to know what y’all thought I should do to it and whether I should mount it vertically or horizontally.
  20. I’m prolly gonna use sheet metal and make almost a fully enclosed structure. Would it be better to have it go up in a pyramidal shape from the edges of my forge, or have it go straight up and then pyramid in? Then just cut the pieces with tabs, then use rivets or sheet metal screws to attach it? Then my last question is how to I support the chimney? The tree isn’t big enough to support any weight so I couldn’t suspend it like JHCC suggested. The chimney definitely won’t stand up by itself won’t it?
  21. Thanks. As it is we’re all pretty lucky as far as symptoms go so far, knock on wood. It also looks like we’ll all recover pretty quickly hopefully. So you mean not making a hood at all and rather allowing the pipe alone to use the draft to suck the smoke up like a vacuum cleaner?
  22. Ahh I forgot to say what my forge is. It is a square jabod forge. Iirc it’s 24x24
  23. don’t worry, I have absolutely no intentions of letting this become a serious thing. I had already figured that the smoke wouldn’t be great, just thought I might ask. Does anyone have ideas for easy to make hoods I could make with a trip to Lowe’s or something (I can order online and my dad can drive me up and we pick it up, no contact)? I don’t have a welder and I don’t know what bough about that kind of metal working/forming/building to have any idea where to start with joints and the like.
  24. Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, without some very creative thinking I don’t believe there’s a layout where I can have the forge in that orientation without my mum yelling at me. I will however be very careful about exertion, and am already distancing from all outside people (my entire family has it, knock on wood were all asymptomatic)
  25. I don’t have a chimney, but I could prolly figure something out with a fan. Thanks!
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