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  1. Yes, that thought also crossed my mind,thank you
  2. I have a motor that has an Fla (full load amps?) of 6 amps at 220v. Can I safely run it with a 16ga extension cord of 50' on a 15 amp 2 pole breaker? The cord should be rated for 10 amps, am I understanding this correctly?
  3. Good idea, thank you, maybe I can find one used.
  4. Was thinking 4in direct drive wheel on the motor shaft. Don't have a motor, but will be tefc for sure, also have 120v and 240v single phase in my shop
  5. Ok, let me try again. Does anyone have any opinions or experience using a 1hp single speed motor to use on a new grinder build. This would be temporary just to get dialed in, and see how it runs. Eventually, want a 3ph motor with a vfd. Not wanting to spend the money until I get the bugs worked out. This is going to be 2x72 grinder frame
  6. What about a 1hp single speed motor for a new grinder built, just to get up and running?
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