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  1. I know what you mean Thomas, we back up to USF’s, you can travel 40 miles as the crow flies on our land..... Frosty, I have a chunk of iron off some type of equipment that I’m planning on using as an anvil... I’m planning on getting photos of my stuff with a description of my plans, then do a post to make sure my ideas are sound...
  2. Thanks for the input.... My plans are to build a covered area between an old dozer and forest service dump truck. It’s out in the woods, nobody to bother except the wildlife....
  3. My grandson is really interested in learning to make knives and hatchets, so I’m building a blacksmith shop for us to work in... I have already taken advantage of your forum as a visitor and have enjoyed many posts. I’m here to learn from the vast and varied knowledge in this site..... thanks for the opportunity....
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