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  1. i know there are not many powerhammers in Iceland at all. something that has been siting for 40+ years is a good project but not something to go bankrupt over. i hope to hull it a way. the building is siting idle and the owner has said he will demo the house in the next years, i think he is hoping for some good offer on it cos its down by the docks and is a good lot for industrial things ... i was only asking for maker and date of production not cos of some snobbery but out off curiosity.
  2. well i live in the most rural region of Iceland so i doubt that therare many members her .... but you never know . i'm looking too build my self a blacksmithing shop in the next years, and im starting to amass tools, as a carpenter by trade i get to see many places that are under going a rewamp or are being demod. im looking to make an offer of saving this old girl, ther are some belt driven lathes in the next room that are being claimed by the elements and the roof over this power hammer dos not have many winters left in it.
  3. I walked past this hammer at a job today. Its in a old smiths shop that has not seen any work sins the late 70s. It was in un light room and my phone did not get good pics. I did not see any name or markings. You people have any idea of maker or year ?
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