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  1. Trying to figure out who manufactured this sucker rod so I can get an idea of what kind of steel I have. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Thanks Thomas. You are some kind of all present demi-god of this forum aren't you? While I'm at it, anyone want a go at the serial on the Trenton? As always, thanks everyone for this amazing community.
  3. Got the brush to the big Fisher this morning. Here on some shots of the face. Lots of chipping here. Still serviceable I feel, but like my 75lb Columbia, not much to work with in terms of edges. Any input on this one? Truthfully, mostly bummed about that big chip out of the nearside where a lot of my work gets done as an amateur. My Columbia has that same chipping pattern.
  4. Was worried you all would say that. I gave it a good pounding yesterday and didn't notice any chipping or other problems. Still, what do I know? I guess we'll see.
  5. Ah sorry folks. Mis-typed last post. The Fisher is the 200lb and I have mounted the Trenton which is 100lb. It seems nearly new. Very clean all around. One interesting thing about it is this strange border around the face. Does anyone know what this is?
  6. That's very interesting about the Fisher thunk. Thanks for the info all. Also, Thomas, thanks for the heads up on the "collectibility" of that wagon tongue. I'll have to put it out there and see what happens. Well, the stump it was on when I bought it was charred fairly well though still intact. There also appears to be some blacked spots on the base. However, when I asked the owner before purchasing, he said it was "Fire adjacent". haha. Pics of it on the stump attached. I've already mounted the Fisher, which turns out is 100lbs. Made a few leaves and hooks on it. Wow, what a change from my 75lb Columbia. WOuld not have imagined 25lbs would make that much difference. One last thing, Does anyone know what the foot of the Fisher are? Four marks, a U mark and two more marks?
  7. Been seeking an additional anvil for...over a year now? First anvil was given to me by a good neighbor. 75lb Columbia. Been working with that since. Budget is mighty low. Front Range Colorado is filthy with over priced "antiques". So buying one of those at about $10 a lb was out of the question. Suddenly today a guy I talked to about a year ago is liquidating his families garage tools and he called me because I had expressed interest once upon a time. Well, I walked away with this collection for $350. Looks like a Fisher 200lb, A Trenton 75(ish)lb, and a vice that is either missing it's leg, or is a bench vice? I believe the Fisher endured a barn fire and maybe has 50% rebound and little to no ring, but still seems serviceable. The Trenton appears to be more or less new. The vice has good looking jaws and a well maintained screw. Still a fairly new smith and buyer of smithing tools. Does this lot look good to you folks? Any advice on what to do with that Fisher in terms of servicing?
  8. oop! Been away a few days. Here are some pics. Someone bought it I believe.
  9. Would you consider $4 a lb a good value for a 1800 and something Hay Budden is what appears to be very good shape?
  10. Well Glenn, Seeing as I don't have any projects yet (Some drifts and punches are probably second on my list of projects) then probably not. However, I certainly will consider it. BTW, what's a star drill?
  11. Thanks Thomas, I cannot say for sure if they are carbide tipped, but I don't think so based off a visual inspection. They also all appear to be from the 40s and 50s based off the company logos stamped in to them.
  12. I scored these a few weeks ago and I was told they are probably exclusively masons tools. I am going to quickly be in need of some drifts, punches and chisels for my shop and wondering if I could expect these chisels to be of hard enough steel to be reforged for those purposes? Aside from dressing, could I expect the grind them to the appropriate shapes and just use them as is?
  13. To those of you checking out the xxxxxxxxx Craigslist, hold on to xxxxx xxxxxxx
  14. Spent the last two months trying to land deals on cheap starter tools for my entry into the craft. Aside from the saint of a gentleman who gave me a 75lb Columbia anvil for free, everything else I've found has been obnoxiously over priced. Local anvils are going for 6-10 dollar a pound, tongs are going for more than double what new costs. Today was the final straw however. I drove 45 mins to our local flea market hoping to land a couple of used starting hammers and everything I found that could possibly be of use to me was going for the same as new, firm. No haggle. Why would I buy a used 2lb cross pien with splintered handle for $20? I'm just now realizing that if I'd just bought new, If saved myself a ton of time and money. Which is what I'm doing from now on. Word to the wise, xxxxx xxxxx around Denver is a seller's market. If you are just starting out here, don't bother bargain shopping unless you have zero money and unlimited time.
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