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  1. Frosty, this is what I was thinking Originally I was envisioning it with the castor pivoting under each leg, but after drawing it, while outboard would give more stability, I might be inclined to put the pad the castor sat on inboard of the leg to limit the trip hazard.
  2. Gazz As an experiment, I did a mockup with a couple pieces of wood, with the legs 3' apart, and a 3" wheel with it's axle center 2" from one leg, I'd have to lift the other side 5" to get a 1/4" clearance. The further the wheel's centerline was from the leg, the less distance it'd need to be raised for a given clearance. I've seen that design recommended here, but to me it seems like it would require the top heavy anvil to be tilted so much that it's center of mass was dangerously close to the two fixed casters but after the mockup, I'm less inclined (bonus pun) to think it'd be prone to tipping over. And if the wheel assemblies were removable, it wouldn't be a trip/stub hazard. Frosty, the idea popped in my head last night as I was reading the thread, as soon as I can I'll try and draw something legible (or come back and fess up to it's impossibility ) For the record, Rube Goldberg is my hero
  3. Truth be told, I hadn't read the "read this first" post until just before I hit send Of course, as long as one pays attention while reading a ton of post here, you can dodge the gotchas As for photo, or diagram, no, I tried a quick Google to see if I could find something similar to what I was thinking of, but it was late, and my Google Fu had already gone to bed will poke around this morning, see if I can come up with something, if not, I'll try and sketch something up. ^my usual go to for expletives in person and online is to use bleep, shazbot, Do'h, *;$&*+##%, and the like, my understanding is using those here in lieu of undesirable language is child friendly, if not, I'll be happy to refrain. Please refrain as it will get the attention of the mods.
  4. New member here, been quietly reading up on do's and don'ts, but this thread caught my interest. Though it appears the OP hasn't been back since their last comment, I thought I'd add my idea to the mix. If you make(made) a tripod stand, here's an idea for putting removable casters on it. (Technically would work for a 4 legged stand too Mount a short horizontal shaft (1/2"-3/4" diameter) to two decent sized fixed casters, and one locking swivel. (Locking swivel, not swivel with brakes) the shaft needs to be parallel to wheel's axle, forward of fore/aft center line. The shaft needs to extend to opposite sides of the two fixed casters (one right, the other left) Either side for the swivel caster. On all three shafts, add a 1/4" hex socket head cap screw to the side of the shaft at the end furthest from caster, to act as a locking key. The shaft needs to be long enough to allow the socket head screw to pass through the C channel sides. Just forward of the shaft, mount a square(or hex) socket in the same plane as the shaft, but flush with the opposite side of the caster. Now add a piece of C channel with a keyhole (drill, then add narrow slot with file) through the parallel sides, mount them to to the three legs with the holes through the C channel parallel to ground, but perpendicular to fore/aft to accept the short shaft on the casters. The keyway needs to be lined up so the caster assemblies can slide in/out when anvil stand is on the ground you'll want to set their height so when the caster goes over center, the legs are high enough, to clear the ground. You'll also need to add pads to the three legs for the caster assemblies to rest on. Using a lever with a square (or hex) stub sticking out the side (would look like a breaker bar with permanent cheater installed you can cam the casters under the anvil one at a time, as long as the casters only lift it up an inch or so, your center of gravity won't shift much at all. (If you're concerned about it, rotating the socket 90° would allow you to make the lever T shaped on one end to allow both fixed casters to be lifted at once) Any questions, just ask, any critiques, fire away 0.0 Ray
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