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  1. I'll post a picture but It doesn't seem tapered though there is a slot running the length of the spindle.
  2. Hi - I'm finished cleaning my Silver Denning No 2. I'd like to replace the chuck with a modern Jacobs or Morse taper. Does anyone know if these chucks are screwed onto the spindle or use a friction fit? Any suggestions how I can get it off? Thanks. Eric, Oakland, CA
  3. Thanks, Jon. I did finally find the right size and took the whole drill apart. In the process of getting dried grease off before giving it a coat of penitrol.
  4. Hello - I'm starting a rehab of a Silver 503 No 2. I need to remove the brass nut that connects to feeder screw to the drill shaft. Since it's brass I'm afraid of damaging the piece. I'm looking for someone that can confirm direction in which it loosens and the size of box end wrench I'll need to fit. Any other tips (like how to hold the shaft from spinning) would be most welcome. Thanks!
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