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  1. MS- I haven't weighed it. Because its an American brand anvil, I assumed it's used pounds instead of hundredweight. But we are mounting it today, so I'll weigh it first BF - I haven't been able to find a date. I haven't found any markings other than the one I posted. I might need to clean it up some and see if I can find a date.
  2. Thank you everyone for the responses. I'm very excited about the information that you all provided
  3. If there isn't an s/n on the front feet or under the horn, could it be somewhere else on the anvil?
  4. When you say cast, do you mean cast iron or cast steel? The anvil has quite a loud, almost deafening ring so I assumed it was not cast iron.
  5. Thank you for the advice! I'll put my location up. And thanks for the greeting
  6. I recently purchased a Belknap anvil, 110lbs. I was hesitant to buy it because I couldn't find much info on their anvils. Fortunately it has turned out to be a pretty good anvil. I was wondering if anybody had any info on Belknap anvil, especially a date for the anvil's year of manufacturing. I did what research I could and found a 1917 catalog from Belknap but found the markings on my anvil to be different from the catalog and the company's logo in later years. Anyways, I appreciate any info.
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