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  1. Thanks. I had solid so I figured less hassle so I used it. I thought about making a removable die but I made primarily for hammers and it does the job great for hammers. These two were made using it
  2. Thanks CGL. I’m kinda getting into the Alec Steele/Brian Brazeal style of forging it seems and this is a recommended weight. Alec Himself said good Job on Instagram so it’s not too horrible I guess haha. Anyhow this weight is pretty easy for me to swing for quite a while and I can move lots of metal with it. I Know another Young smith who Does it in 5 heats so I’m going to try and beat him haha. Ive been doing a lot of tools and hammers lately so I’ve been using my hammer making hammer! The 4.75 lb rounder that I forged a while back. My first forged rounding hammer. So this is actually lighter. Although for most work like the hinge, shackles, hooks and so on I use a 2.5 cross peen or a 2.5 rounding hammer or a 3 cross peen for bigger work. As a side note some more testing with the hammer and I tried something new. Spike hooks. Not super happy but they work. Going to go in a horse barn at a friends farm for tying rope to. Also made a small j hook and a nail. My best nail yet. Made the nail in 1 heat too!
  3. Thanks. Its a beast of a hammer. 10 heats so not great but I drew out a spike
  4. I started out horrible with wood working And the handles barely need to be modified for me to feel comfortable holding them. i prefer skinner handles! finished the 3.5lb rounding hammer this thing came out great! 16” hickory handle
  5. Thanks Les! I find forging different things helps build skill more than repetitive forging of Th e same thing. Don’t get me wrong forging the same thing helps but you get a wider set of skills when you constantly switch it up. I didn’t have to modify the eye other then. Thin it out a little bit. I made My drift so it fits most store bought handles if I chose to use them.
  6. Thanks JLP. Handle on the 1.75 is homemade. On the big is store bought but modified.
  7. Didn’t think of that frosty! I’ll get on it ASAP thanks! And I’ve made one sword but no fullers. Maybe it’s time for another hmm. Haha Thanks JHCC I’ll add a arm to the back I like that yes the pivoting arm is 1.25” solid. Only tubing is the uprights. the solid stock helps add weight so it doesn’t bounce as much and tube would collapse. Although I should work hunk if you stuck something in the end of the pipe like a bolt and welded it in to support the tube that might work
  8. I think it was misunderstood because there was other things between the statement you were responding to and your words. Although I could be wrong
  9. Hammer is almost done. 3.5 lbs. just needs to be wedges and have some sanding on the handle. Short fat head. 16” hickory handle
  10. Update. ITs going well so far and I’m excited to use it
  11. Another hammer in the works. 2” square 4140 rounding hammer I’m working on. Fullering right now. Aiming for a 3.5 lb hammer
  12. I think I’ll hang onto this one very springy little hammer
  13. Small 1.75 lb rounding hammer on a 14” charred hickory handle
  14. Definitely do it. Very handy and you know how I feel about spring fullers haha