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  1. Thanks irondragon! I’m going to use a ribbonburnet I was looking for other ways
  2. I’m looking to eventually build a propane forge to go along with my coal forge and I’m looking to make it as efficient as possible. I’m looking to be able to forge weld if I need to but mostly normal forging. Unless there is something better I plan on a forced air ribbon burner Some Things I want to know is best shape, insulation, ect any and all tips are appreciated. -Justin
  3. Thanks all! Sorry for the late reply. I say it’s wrought because it was my step dads great grandpa who used it for whatever last and it’s really old. Sat in the basement for 80+ years I believe. And there’s no casting marks and it’s soft like wrought iron. I’ve heard some it looks like a stamp mill shoe also. A bucking bar seems very possible. Beveled on both sides so a punch is possible too. It seems rather odd for a dolly but it’s possible. Thanks -Justin
  4. Maybe but it wouldn’t be as fun of an investment
  5. Can anyone ID this? My step dad gave me this. It was his great grandfathers. We think it’s some kind of hand anvil used at the vise. 5.75 lbs. any help is appreciated. made of wrought iron.
  6. Very cool anvil JLP. Is that a swage block in the background?
  7. -Damian thanks! It’s served me well so far much better than the rr track I used to use -Thomas Thanks for the info -Justin
  8. Thought I’d post my anvil here. It’s a Henry Wright anvil 149 lbs I got a while back for $475 so not great price but considering most this size go for 600-800 I think I did good. It’s been a great anvil so far. Are Henry Wright anvils uncommon? I hardly see any. Anyone here got one?
  9. I have a rack on my anvil or I throw the rest in a blue plywood box that I have i dont have a picture with the hammers as the focus currently and I’m away from home but here you can see them. I plan on building a dedicated rack because I need somewhere to put my extra hammers besides in a box
  10. Toolart - i am positive it is Indian chief because it has that stamped on the outside face
  11. So I needed a striking hammer and I wanted a straight peen because that’s my all time favorite hammer style. I started out with a 10 lb iron city splitting maul and cut the end off and ground it to shape. It’s final weight is 9 lbs 1 oz. it has a hickory handle I bought and sanded the varnish off and cut to 25” not counting the part with the head on it. Not the best striking hammer but better than my 6 lb sledge I had before. And it was cheap. The handle was 12$ and the head was 2.50$ with a bunch of other rakes from an auction. Can’t wait to test it out
  12. It’s a splitting maul. I finished the conversation I’m going to post over on hand hammers
  13. I immediately went rummaging and found some assorted axes and sledge hammers but nothing else too remarkable. The axes work good though