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  1. Here it is all finished up. Can’t wait to try it but it will be a little while till then. But it feels nice. 2.25 lbs
  2. Got out and forged another one. I really need a a big guillotine tool haha. 4140. 2.25 lbs. far from pretty but I’m more concerned with function for the time being. Just needs a handle and it’s good to go. I made it in the style I like. Small faces with a long hammer. 5” long 1.5” faces
  3. That must’ve been nice. I like buying store bought handles and modifying them. Osage is an ideal handle wood right?
  4. I haven’t been able to find a surplus store selling handles. We have a large lot of ash trees for fire wood and I think I’m gonna cut one up for handle blanks. Start it now so they are nice and seasoned.
  5. Took your advise on soaking the wood around the eye and I’m liking it so far. Thank you. I made a handle from hickory for my hammer eye punch while the a hammer billet was heating. Used it to punch the hole then I did an oil soak on the handle And the punch before but feels nice and solid now. That draw knife I recently made sure is handy.
  6. Ah gotcha. I might look into finding a place that sells the handles
  7. Have you heard of thrane axe and saw co. They have a bunch of blanks for cheap. You have to make the handle but you can choose the wood and they are dried blanks. Unless you’d rather buy premade
  8. Thanks Pnut I’ve been trying and trying to get better and I think I’m getting there. Tongs are my big goal right now
  9. Oh oops sorry I read that and it flew over my head. I was thinking only hammers. Thanks
  10. I’m pretty young still I’ll be 16 this spring So definitely more recent for me ha
  11. Hmm I’m interested if the handles last so long. It’s never very humid here so not much to worry about. How long on average are they soaked? Do you also soak stuff like handles top tools such has punches?
  12. I remember learning the different methods in cub and Boy Scouts. Good times. I quit Boy Scouts a few years ago when I was in 6th grade because I wanted to do other things but it was fun while it lasted